Angelica Aragon

Of the actresses who have played this woman fifty years rediscovered the love of a younger man again, it may be concluded that each did in excellent style. Angelica Aragon had the opportunity to exploit more the character because such a soap opera, but Ms. Judy Henriquez in the miniseries “Lady Isabel” amply demonstrated in less histrionic episodes its great potential. Rufus Victoria in “Victoria” we shows the facet of a woman without the attachment of the heroines predecessors, but under the classic melodrama rightly bears the specific characteristics of her heroines, enraptured to the point in suffering, tears and love. Much has been said from the partial withdrawal of the first Colombian television entertainer, Mr.

Fernando Gonzalez Pacheco, icon of icons, on who could become his worthy successor to the small screen, capable of combining similar characteristics to correct that many generations devoted to “Pacheco” and “The Lord of the animation in Colombia.” It was once said that this seat was in the hands of Mr. Jota Mario Valencia, then to be disputed about Mr. Hernan Orjuela and years after he had fallen into the lap of , but without telling us lies, despite the charisma and talent of these entertainers, yet we can not conclude that one of them is already the undisputed successor. Since beginning the “Say singing” produced by Caracol TV and encouraged by Mr. Guillermo Vives, I started to follow without much expectation, wondering to myself that it was another of many foreign formats adapted to fill grid with the introduction of television and the brother of a famous singer, actor than foreign, now had the air of a cheerleader.

United Nations Population

Today the agricultural populations migram for the great urban centers. The proper urbanization, the industrial and technological growth and the pollution that happen of these changes become providing with drinking waters a difficult task. Therefore, one becomes necessary a management and one serious politics of these scarce resources, with a radical control of the pollution. (MONTORO, APUD VIANNA, 2005, P. 250-251) We commemorate in 2003 the International Year of the Water Candy, but this is a quarrel that will go to extend for the next decades and generations, a time that the survival of the planet depends on the quality of the water. From there importance of this initiative, and if making of the celebrations of this year a permanent souvenir. Although it is an abundant element in the planet, only 2.53% of the total constitute waters candies, proper for the human consumption.

In 2015, almost 3 billion people – 40% of the projected world-wide population – must live in countries with difficulties to guarantee water enough to take care of agriculture, the industry and the domestic necessities of the population. One is about a problem with implications gigantic politics, economic and partner ambient, whom if he reflects, since already, in the poverty of great part of the world-wide population. One of the goals of the millenium established by United Nations, in 2000, the water foresaw the reduction for the half of the world-wide population without access potable candy and up to 2015. To reach these objectives, it would be necessary to take canalized water more than the 300 a thousand people per day and basic sanitation more than 500 a thousand. The goal will not be fulfilled, but in contrast, esteem that until this date sets of ten of millions of people they have died in result of illnesses related to the water, including average of 6 a thousand children per day.

Politics and Lourdes Flores

Our politicians and candidates at both the municipal government and the presidency of the republic, they are hilarious. As I said before the battle began and “pitched” among them, to achieve this goal. Miss Lourdes Flores, (candidate for mayor of Metropolitan Lima) started throwing the first stone as a projectile in this little war. He accused Mr Alex Kouri (also a candidate for mayor) of having had Montesinos, (which is true, “without wanting to justify Ms. Lourdes”).

To which Mr. Kouri, against attack, presenting a video of the last six months (approximately), in which Lourdes Kouri throws flowers in his term as regional president. It is demonstrated, it is true what the saying: “In love and war, everything is permitted” and I would add: “In love, war and politics, everything is permitted.” What happens, is that Mr. Alex and Ms. Lourdes, had not the faintest idea, makes seven months (approximately) back, that would be candidates for mayor of Lima. Click to learn more. Now they are rivals, to grab the two, because each will use whatever happened between them to attack and defend in this war that has already begun.

The struggle for power, will not show any signs of scruples on the part of the two candidates ‘main’ for mayor. All will go to air dirty laundry, in the most savage and brutish. And the media are complicit in this, since it does not show the participation of the other candidates for mayor. In an unusual and unexpected way, Mrs. Rosa Maria palaces, in its “Free Press”, he said nothing about the press conference gave Mr Alex Kouri, and what you said this in a sarcastic and ironic way, featuring Lourdes as his party’s official spokesperson.