Smart Packaging

Film-chameleon 'Gaudin do'-phrase known to everyone and is found in many grocery and not only the kinds of goods tovara.Prostrochennye bring a lot of trouble not only for consumers but also producers produktsii.Esli Industry product group may lose some properties with time, the products (especially canned) are deadly lyudyam.V our 'smart times' Scientists have long experimented with different materials to improve the packaging, to make it multifunctional. Already known for packaging drugs with RFID, so that people with low vision can listen to instructions, warnings about the dangers of packaging (such as reminding diabetics that this product contains sugar); admit packaging / producing certain gases for longer storage of the product and so on … Among other inventions would like to note the development of scientists from University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. Having received from Scottish Enterprise proof of concept programme GBP 325 thousand in this development, they have not spent money zrya.Rezultatom their research was smart polyethylene, which is able to recognize damaged produkty.Uchityvaya that in the UK alone Obdenennom from food poisoning (including fatalities) suffered more than a million people and 8.3 million tons of food with expired shelf life are simply released (although some fall in third-world countries, which unfortunately we belong), but this is a huge loss for the producers and companies utilizing the latest. It turns out that to make an intelligent film will be cheaper than the marking in print shtrihkodov.I here everything is very clear: the excluded factors such as the overlooked, forgotten (points), date worn off and you td.Produkt directly indicates the color packaging, as a litmus test: 'I tired, lying on the shelf. "spoiled product seen srazu.Osobenno I think this innovation will be relevant for the meat industry and producers of fish products (all will remember' blue birds' on the shelves of Soviet times). It will save time as from falling into the basket of products whose shelf life has expired, and getting into the wrong waste food pridatnoy for consumption.