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In May of year 66, Nero Tiberius appoint as prefect of the province of Egypt, which together with the prefect of the Praetorian Guard was one of the two most important positions to which a member could claim ordo equester. likely that the trends of Tiberius filohelenistas benefits when he received the appointment of skilled Nero, a great admirer of the culture, Greek although it is also possible that the appointment was due to the need to take the province to a man with enough military experience to control the disturbances so frequent in that area. However, soon dispel any hope that Tiberius might be able to suppress the recurring disturbances in the area between the Greek and Jewish communities. The year in which exhibits Tiberius took office erupted in Judea the First Jewish-Roman War and the conflict soon spread to all the Roman possessions in the East. The S.A. hostilities were sparked when a reunion apparently sought peace, the Jewish soldiers taken hostage by the Greeks who made up the delegation threatened to kill her. For its part, Tiberius attempted to seek the reconciliation of the two groups through art pressures and threats to employ the legions if necessary. The historian Flavius Josephus describes the time works of art that negotiations were at an impasse:
The governor, realizing that the rioters would not end their actions until they suffer a major blow, they sent two Roman legions that were in the city and with them 2,000 soldiers who, unfortunately for the Jews, had arrived casually from Libya. Not only gave the order to kill them, but also to loot their property and burn their houses. The Roman troops entered the neighborhood known as Delta, where the Jewish population was concentrated, and have, not without antiquities bloodshed, which had been entrusted. The Jews managed to resist exhibition for some time because it had gathered and were placed in positions leading to the best armed men. But as soon retreated, they were totally massacred. They kill in many artifacts different ways: some were caught in the middle of the field and within their houses, which the Romans burned and looted. and his brother with a great history of art trading and exhibitions They had no mercy on infants nor respect for the elderly, but they were going to kill people of all ages, until the whole neighborhood was flooded with blood and dead bodies were piled up 50,000. And nobody gallery would have survived if they had not come to beg. Tiberius Alexander took pity on them and ordered his men to withdraw.
Despite what is written here by Josephus, other sources categorized as less violent government of Tiberius. A century later, I take administrative decisions during this time Tiberius still considered useful and fair. Most of the reforms that were implemented in the province during his tenure have reached us through the information contained in a edict issued on July 6 to 68, less than a month after the death of Nero. These reforms include measures against a wide variety of abuses to the plebs, as the unfair tax controls, processes and malicious imprisonment of debtors at the initiative of private creditors. The only allusion to the chaotic situation in politics is present in an edict that called Tiberius confidence in Galbe as emperor. obviously the art afficionados at , lead by the talented making them leaders in the antiquities markets Tiberius was extensively treated by the various candidates for the throne because of the importance of earning the loyalty of the governor of Egypt as a province producing cereals
After the murders of Oton andGalbe year in April 69, Vitelio was recognized as emperor by the Senate. However, the political situation remained unstable, as opposed to Vitelio were grouped around the general galleries of the armies of the East, Titus Flavius Vespasian. The loyalty of Tiberius, commander of two veteran legions in Egyptian land, was crucial in ending the bloody civil war. Although declared neutral in the conflict, Tiberius held secret correspondence with Vespasian. According to modern historians, those responsible for transporting letters between the two soldiers were Berenice (who became the mistress of the son of Vespasian, Titus) and an Egyptian official called Basilides.

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Peer Steinbruck and AVA-CO2 on a visit to the bio-energy park Saerbeck SPD candidate for Chancellor Peer Steinbruck was not bad as he on August 7 the bio-energy park Saerbeck attended. Because the small municipality in the great has: by no later than the year 2030 would like to turn to the own energy supply to renewable energy. A concept in which in addition to wind, photovoltaic and biogas, also the Biochar AVA cleancoal”should be used by AVA-CO2. Thomas M. Klausli CMO and media spokesman for AVA-CO2 was as project partners on the spot and spoke with Steinbruck on the hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC) and the possibility of storing energy in the form of CO2 neutral organic carbon. The world’s first HTC plant on an industrial scale in operation in October 2010 took advantages of the hydrothermal Carbonisation of the Swiss company. AVA-CO2 worldwide provides solutions for the sustainable use of biomass for energy.

As a pioneer of the hydrothermal Carbonisation plant, builds and operates the company on behalf of its customers of HTC plants the plant, Residual materials, tonnes of organic waste, sewage sludge, beer residues, straw etc. efficiently and profitably to high-quality organic carbon “AVA cleancoal” or “AVA biochar” processing into fertilizer. The process binds greenhouse gases and ensure a neutral CO2 balance. One of the big advantages of AVA cleancoal”compared to wind or photovoltaic systems is the basic load capacity. Neither wind nor Sun are required for the procedure. A decentralized energy generation can be ensured solely with regional biomass waste.

“And exactly from this expertise and innovative technology to the energy park Saerbeck benefit in the next few years”, explained Ron. “He is proud to be on a very important project” and looks at the support on the part of the policy as necessary to advance the energy transition. ” Also Peer Steinbruck was very taken with the HTC method, in particular the possibility energy in AVA cleancoal”aroused his interest to save and obtain, if necessary, and that this regional biomass waste using find, convinced him. At the end of the event the Chancellor candidate was highly satisfied with his visit and wish everyone good luck in the further implementation of the bio-energy park project Saerbeck. The positive response and the motivational and laudatory words of the Chancellor candidates are a good place to start”, Ron finds. About AVA-CO2 AVA-CO2 worldwide provides solutions for the sustainable use of biomass for energy. As a pioneer of the hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC) plans, builds and operates AVA CO2 HTC systems that process vegetable residues efficiently and profitably to high-quality, CO2 neutral organic carbon or CO2 negative Biochar on behalf of its customers.

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