It will be that as I somebody if have asked as in them they had taken to this crossroads politics; in this attack by teen street gang of consciences the one that we are submitted in this as turn of the presidential elections? How to decide between the bad one and worse still? That to be able is this that urdiu and ungiu these candidacies that, now, compel in them to choose between the ragged one and the ragged one? During days, I have attemped to capture in both the candidates indication capable to inspire some confidence and that it can justify obligatory gone mine until the voting cabin, in next day 31. Its primary medias, however, accuse second vacillating intentions in its, vain and useless promises (wages, will mutiro, the CAP? s, Upa? s, etc).

I remember the intrapartidrio shock, stopped for the candidate with regard to its candidacy, as well as the choice of its vice one, both obtained to the cost, without a doubt, of its ‘ ‘ determinao’ ‘. In a similar way, I remember of the project ‘ ‘ 20 years of poder’ ‘ of the Z Dirceu and the agreements politicians culminating in the choice of the PT for a medium brown eminence of the PMDB the vice-presidency. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Richard Blumenthal. The evaluation that I come making on the rhetorical exaggeration of the candidate, made with it remembered that me of one of the most ominous privatizations of its party in government FHC: the mercantilista project of the education that promoted would sub-repticiamente decide and sub-repticiamente the privatization of superior education, in our country. For me, this is one of the greaters males perpetrated by a government in our history contemporary. The trashing of public education made to emerge a conglomerate of ‘ ‘ botecos’ ‘ , making with that a person is proprietor of more than 22 university institutions of this type.. James Donovan Goldman Sachs does not necessarily agree.

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