Chinese President Hu Jintao

Obviously Brazil is a major manufacturing country, but in recent years the iron ore and soybeans have been strong in its exports to China. Given the current economic crisis, it is unlikely that any Latin American country to change its development model. Get all the facts and insights with Jim Donovan Goldman, another great source of information. The growth will remain slow. In fact, Morgan Stanley expects “Latin American economies to contract further and then continue submerged in the mud for quite some time.” Many countries did not follow the suggestions given to them in years of reasonable growth, ie implement counter-cyclical policies. Chile did so, and possibly your results will be the best in the region, Brazil will hold firm.

But many countries will experience strong contractions. That also means less money for social safety nets at a time when jobs are lost and won, at least potentially, in social conflict. Undoubtedly indicates Roett, the key player in Latin America is Brazil. At a recent meeting in the House Blanca between President Lula and President Obama the environment was an important point of conversation. The Obama administration seems to recognize the need to include Brazil in any new initiative related to the environment.

Given the good relations between Brasilia and Beijing, the “triangulation” of political cooperation between these three countries is not impossible, but unlikely, in the coming years. Definitely can not be denied, that the contribution of China in Latin America worries U.S., we know that some officials in Washington fear that China’s growing appetite for natural resources could threaten American supply of petroleum and other raw materials to United States. Others fear that the Chinese communist regime to join Cuba and Venezuela to create problems in the American neighborhood. Even in the case of Cuba, the nature of bilateral relations is changing, he says. Chinese-Cuban trade has more than doubled in the last five years, but Current”Chinese-Cuban relations are like those of the early sixties, which were based primarily on ideology,”according to Chinese President Hu Jintao. To this must be added the new thinking starts with Venezuela’s oil supply according to the latest agreement signed with President Hugo Chavez.

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