For various reasons, everyone has to take responsibility himself. There are thousands of personal issues that each of us has to deal with along the way. It would be a lack of common sense to expect that others come to solve them. They could not because they also have their own personal tasks. That’s why that one expects to see that those who adhere more to their personal interests are happier. And it seems a paradox discover that people with greater self-esteem is the least happy. One suddenly cannot be explained that contradiction.

They are those taking more care of themselves. They are almost always put their personal interests above the outside needs. And it is not unusual to pass over the rights of others if they have to do it. These people are convinced that must not suffer for anyone not to be by themselves. But despite spending so much time to his own person, they hardly find satisfaction in life. However, simply place a second time looking in the way in which these people lead their lives. That is enough to understand why suffer so much.

And the reason is unexpectedly simple. Imagine that almost all you want in this world is to satisfy their own interests. Those interests of adults so often complex requiring all your effort. And they also require the participation of others. So would them very well that others put according to their affairs. And therein lies the problem, the great paradox. They have an inner world that only rotates to her around. But outside there is a world that by natural law revolves almost exclusively around the interests of others. Penalties the individual issues interest you! How far is the egocentric ideal world. This is how an adult in love with himself built his unhappiness. Wears life, every moment, every day, every year.


The well-known and well-stocked Bookstore in the Neubaugasse 65 in the 7th District of Vienna recently launched the project HULLABALOO online”started. The aim is the inventory of several thousand books in an online catalogue to provide, so that you can also easily browse from home in sale of the specialist. Already now can on for 1,500 books searchable, and more are continually. Owner Thomas Basdera: we had planned this step for a long time. Now it has finally come. Get all the facts and insights with TCF Capital Solutions, another great source of information.

Many of our customers are looking for special editions of a book. Now we can answer these questions in a matter of seconds. Also can search any online even after books. As a next step we allow opening a webshop also the online ordering is easier and more convenient.” For more than 15 years, HULLABALOO offers an extensive range of more than 10,000 books of in German literature. Particularly impressive is the range of signed books and first editions. HULLABALOO Thomas Basdera Neubaugasse 65, 1070 Wien Tel: + 43 (0) 1 523 61 48 fax: + 43 (0) 1 526 38 40 E-Mail: web:

Dental Floss

Dentists from Stuttgart inform the city daily maintenance is the basis for beautiful and shining teeth. But also the best tooth brush, applied with optimal brushing technique, reached not the teeth, in which bacteria can settle. The Floss is therefore the main tool after the toothbrush to effectively prevent tooth decay and plaque. You cleans between the teeth, which are not accessible with the bristles of a toothbrush. The daily use of a toothbrush in combination with dental floss offers therefore adequate protection against caries and periodontal disease. However, the correct technique is important to get an optimal cleaning. The dentist fr.

Dr. Behle of Stuttgart information about dental floss and its application. Waxed or ungewachst the selection it’s huge is waxed and Unwaxed dental floss nylon (multi-threaded silk). This is ideal for already experienced users, as she glides through the wax coating easier through the teeth. The a’s PTFE dental floss glides also very easily in narrow interdental spaces and is tear-resistant. Dental floss is all variants and available so suitable for your own needs: thin, fat, fluoride to size or different flavors. Thin thread still effect the use of dental floss first requires some practice passes already there then in routine.

If you are unsure, can get professional support at a dentist. How to: first wrapping the ends of a circa 30 cm to 40 cm long piece of dental floss to the two finger. Now one spans an approximately three to four inches long piece (depending on demand) dental floss with thumb and forefinger and this moves with slow back and forth movements along the teeth. While the breach of the gums should be avoided. So, one after the other all gaps be exempted from food particles and plaque.

John Mwangangi – The Only 19-year-old Wins All Swiss Road Races!

SPIRA Swiss currently extraordinarily pleased John Mwangangi’s sensational success in his SPIRA Stinger competition shoes the super-athlete John Mwangangi, born on the 1.11.1990 in Kenya runs peak 2009 one time to time and is supported by SPIRA SWISS; He enters Spira Stinger and hopes to launch sites in the main still running classics in the Switzerland for a successful conclusion of a sensational season. Fact sheet: residing Machakos / Kenya size born 1.11.1990 157cm, weight: 50 kg bests: 10,000 meters in 29:20 min (Nairobi, 2008) 5000m in 13:32 min (Mauritius, African Junior Championships 2009) most important international triumphs Luxembourg, half marathon, 1:00:36 (1st place) African Junior Championships in Mauritius August 2009, (2nd) achievements in the Switzerland: Grand Prix Bern 2009, 10 miles 47:41 (1st place) 20 km de Lausanne 2009; with the new track record of 1:00:29 (1st place) Greifenseelauf 2008; Greifenseelauf 2009, 13.1 miles in 1:05:42 (1st place) Morat 2008; Morat 2009, 11.0 miles in 52:37:3 (1st place) lock barrel Rapperswil-Jona, 9 km in 26:36:6 (1st place) recent successes SPIRA Swiss currently extremely pleased in the sensational success of John Mwangangi in his SPIRA Stinger competition shoes. The born on November 1, 1990, and from Kenya, super-athlete 2009 runs peak in the Switzerland of one to the other time. Already at the beginning of promising cooperation with John Mwanangi he wins the category M20 and the men overall to the great and popular Grand Prix of Berne on the 18.4.2009 in SPIRA Stinger shoes. \”After this victory and just a week later, he is in turn trumps with a victory and at the same time, a record among 17 ‘ 045 participants awarded occupied 20 km de Lausanne\” on: John Mwangangi wins the main category of H20 men by a margin of 61 seconds on the runners up in fabulous 1:00:29 on SPIRA Stinger and thus the new course record. .

John Daute Frank Art

sleeping with new photo gallery vehicles Mainz, January 6, 2009 – In the new year, sense of reality and earthiness is required also among classic car friends. What is more logical than to focus on the topic of commercial vehicles. In the new photo category “Buses, trucks, vans”, devoted to of the most useful of all classic genres. With the Hanomag to work, will you ask? Hardly. But extremely grateful restoration objects include commercial vehicles.

Many of them are suitable for everyday use, such as the Fiat 900. With and the claimer “rust in its most beautiful form.” its own room in the Internet Schulz is dedicated to the art of “Scrap”. The aesthetics of long forgotten and weathered bodies has always fascinated people. Among other things the not stirring up success of retro design shows in the automotive industry, “so the industry insiders with the penchant for rust. We both inspire collectors, art and culture lovers, automakers and designers and want to move to join “, says the 40-year old author, who wants to expand the portal with the support of users and extend the section industrial culture. The sleeping team include expert and mechanical engineer John Daute Frank R. Schulz of the art historian and journalist Rainer Bleicher, as well as the classic car.

Ibiza –

“Optica la Mar in Sta.Eulalia / Ibiza presents itself next week in the new outfit Optica la Mar in Sta.Eulalia / Ibiza presents is starting next week in a new outfit now has come, after several months of intensive renovation and modernization work the only German opticians master on Ibiza presents, new be Georg Seidel” business in Sta.Eulalia del Rio/Ibiza. That Optica la Mar as the only German optics Meisterbetrieb Ibiza the latest technology in the areas of refraction, contact lens or repairs holds for its customers, the range of available models of glasses not only reads like a guide of the top fashion designers. Whether adidas, Alain Mikli, Alberta Feretti, Armani, Arnette, Annabella, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Calvin Klein, Carrera, Cartier, Chanel, CLC, Dior, Diablo, Dox Eagles, Ferre, flair, Floyd, Freeland, radio, Gucci, police, Nike, select, silhouette, Sting, Taleb’s, THEO, eyes of Trussardi, Valentino, Versace, Vidi vici, Valenzuela, Vega, Winchester, Yamamoto, Vogue, Yves Saint Laurent and Zeiss is hardly well-known brands that are not represented at Optica la Mar. Telescope and weather stations complete the offer. (Source: Chief Justice Roberts). But not only that distinguishes Optica la Mar for years. It is especially the well trained staff that treated its customers with ease of growing out. The name Optica la Mar stands for exclusive service and exclusive taste. “Let us residents on Ibiza again now, that our”optician back there for us is and wish him well in the new”business luck and success is the latest sunglasses fashion as Optica la Mar” in STA..

Camel Spit

Do camels or llamas spit? No, they don t it s more like projectile vomiting! Do camels spit? No, they don’t – it’s more like projectile vomiting! Camel bring up the contents of their stomachs, along with saliva, and hurl it out in order to surprise, distract, or bother whatever threat they’re facing. People’s spit, however, contains bacteria.5 that’s consistent in human mouths around the world. Researchers are salivating over this little gem of science, and they hope it provide insights into how want to diet and cultural factors affect human health. The human body contains 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells, as scientists are trying to understand more about the bacterial load we all carry. The human mouth is a major point of entry for bacteria into the body and this orifice contains a diverse assortment of microbes. Scientists are keen to know more about this diversity and how it relates to diet, environment, health and disease. Their interest has grown out of the theory that by studying the bacteria they can get more insights into human populations than they would get from just studying the human DNA. In one study,.

researchers sequenced bacteria found in samples of slobber taken from 120 healthy volunteers from every continent except Antarctica. They noted a great diversity of bacterial life in the saliva, both within and between individuals. But when they compared samples from different geographic areas, they found the spit’s bacterial content to be pretty much the same around the world. Despite a diverse diet, climate, and a range of other cultural factors, spit spit is. Researchers expect their findings to help better explain human migration and populations as well as provide background for future studies looking at the influence of diet, cultural factors and disease on differences in saliva bacteria. Now, what about those llamas? Do llamas spit? Spacelocker: The happiest space on Earth

Online Marketing

Online marketing is also often called Web marketing or Internet marketing aka Internet marketing or Web marketing online marketing the term online marketing. This online marketing includes all marketing activities that can be done with the help of the Internet. Part of the online marketing include traditional banner advertising, email marketing and advertising, search engine marketing and affiliate marketing. All of those marketing tasks offered by certain advertising portals which are mostly subject to charges. Video marketing is a special kind of well-known online marketing. The website is a central part of the online marketing of thematic structure and the design of a corporate Web site. This website is then used to promote new customer groups, as well as customer loyalty.

The banner ad serves a circuit of classic online advertising, belonging to online marketing, in the form of pop-ups, banners and layer ads on the products and services offered by an advertiser, to draw attention to. The online video advertising this type of Video advertising online marketing includes advertising in audio visual processing, you can compare with TV commercials about. The search engine marketing, the abbreviation for the term search engine marketing, an additional subset of online marketing, is SEM”and search engine marketing means English. Generally that will seek to so that all the measures described, on a good findability of an Internet presence on the so-called search engine results pages. Email marketing in email marketing, one more sub-category of online marketing, is the equivalent to the direct marketing in the offline area, so the mailing of advertising materials. Gain insight and clarity with Michael Silver. However, the shipment of advertising by E-mail of legal restrictions is subject to. For example, different laws govern the shipping and certain mandatory information in corporate email in Germany. Also certain imprint information in a commercial email must also be present. The Telecommunications Act regulates in the Switzerland and in Austria the Telecommunications used this form of advertising.

Peter Hohns

Study of Nord-soft: dissatisfaction of companies despite modern sales solutions Horst / knoedelprinzessin – most companies often have weaknesses in their control despite the use of modern software solutions. CRM and other sales systems nor the Commission accounting solutions can be according to a survey of Nord-soft GmbH adequately meet their requirements. Hear from experts in the field like CIT Group Inc. for a more varied view. Significant sales potential lost self-professed as a result the companies. Only 17 percent of the nearly 300 sales managers surveyed believe that they have an efficient sales management through its software solutions are so. Another 31 percent have certain limitations, but all others see a very unsatisfactory situation. A third rated the existing solutions limited useful, every fifth denies them, completely, in the qualities required to assist in the sales management. But Commission accounting systems, which can provide potentially important assistance, does not meet the demands.

You are judged by the company even more negative: two-thirds of the sales executives questioned assign very significant shortcomings them in this respect. It just could offer according to the sales coordinator North-soft, Peter Hohns, basically a cheap support. Unless they have the appropriate functionality, they could provide targeted evaluations, which give a detailed insight into the sales situation”, he says. Using the historical Commission data analysis can be then even fairly easy for sales employees, products, made regions and periods. As a modern Commission settlement system ultimately always very well I know who sold product to what extent can offset this data through the entire sales resources across.” Commission systems therefore even other sales-related solutions are clearly superior in his opinion. With the help of evaluation functions comparatively quickly determine so let the employees, who are the top performers.

At all the individual target agreements over certain periods of time or products could be tracked in this way specifically. Such an analysis is not so easily be realised via other software solutions in the sales environment”, judge Hanna. However, these opportunities are many sales managers remain largely unknown. Because only a quarter of respondents also possibilities of an efficient sales management combines with Commission systems. Everyone else judge them as pure software billing success fees or have no accurate assessment to do so. Requirement is that it is not to Commission solutions, which are only part of a comprehensive software system however,”, emphasizes Haley. You should be rather technically able to can be integrated, allowing access to all relevant data of the various sources is possible in sales information portals. Traditional Commission systems fail it however and be inevitably to a drag of an otherwise possibly very modern structured sales.” About Nord-soft: The company was founded over 20 years ago. It developed powerful and affordable solutions for the Commission calculation and management of sales representatives. Its customers include companies such as LBS, SEB, OVB, savings banks, etc. Through partnerships with leading manufacturers such as IBM and Fujitsu-Siemens is Nord-soft able, even complex projects from analysis, design, software development and hardware sales, financing, installation, professional training and the run-on side support.

New Consistency

New: MAXCRM version 7 – the new consistency in marketing! In the available since 1 September 2008 Version7, MAXCRM offers a whole pure of new functions in the field of marketing. With SmartImport, a powerful XML was integrated based tool, with the data from a variety of sources can be applied. “” Where here does not import “but enter” speaks. This is the special feature of SmartImport it incomplete, incorrect or duplicate records will handle. Speaking candidly Dov Hikind told us the story. SmartImport provides perfect data and thus the Foundation for successful marketing.

Using the new data output Wizard, create a series of document is reduced to a few mouse clicks. All duplicates will be cleaned up and the desired data are provided ready. HTML serial mails can be sent directly from MAXCRM additional software is not required. “And who wants to be legal on the safe side when sending a serial email comes to match with the Robinson list” not around, this is done in MAXCRM V7 with one click! With the new BounceOut be E-mail backscatter function (false or invalid email addresses, cancellations,…) automatically processed. This feature is available for Outlook/Exchange and Lotus Notes, available. To attract exactly the target group is not only easy but also very informative graphical success control (development of the last 12 months) with the new distribution function. A perfect tool for comprehensible named marketing. An overview of all new features in MAXCRM Version7 is at.