Agricultural Workers Without Land

Contact: carried through the first National Congress of the Agricultural Workers Without Land. From this first meeting, the Movement takes scope national, with proper flags of the fight for the land. Therefore, at a first moment it demanded only the question of the land, with occupations of great large states, for this being the alarming, basic necessity of survival. In accordance with the reality, the proper Movement felt the necessity to inside construct schools of the occupations, since the first occupations in 1979 – occupation of the Macali farm in High Patrol and also in 1981 in the Natalina Crossroads, all in the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Amazon and gain more knowledge.. With the conquests of lands, already in nesting state, one identified one high index of illiteracy, difficulties for access the education, discrimination on the part of the public power for construction of schools in the nestings. Therefore, it is verified in such a way that the fight for schools starts, therefore in the nestings how much in the encampments it had lack of education and one high index of illiteracy and in the conception of the leaderships of the MST, the education would have to be present. In the Paran, the first emergencial school was installed in the city of Rattlesnake, in 1986 in the clover of Tereza Saint of the West.

It had at that time, according to seated deposition of one, approximately three hundred people in the place, with approximately forty children. The emergenciais schools, were constructed with canvases supplied for the camped ones, this model of school were itinerantes, therefore they were placed where the families were camped. According to Notebook of the School Itinerante n 01 (2008), in the Paran, a landmark in the fight for the legalization of the school was an experience carried through in the encampment installed in front of the Palace of the Iguau in June of 1999, organized a school that functioned per 14 days, this experience was baptized as Itinerante School, in reference the Itinerantes Schools of the Rio Grande Do Sul.