American Subjects

River Grandense de Telecomunicaes. No longer month of September, the National Congress approves the law of Remittance of Profits, forbidding the multinationals to send all the profit stops its headquarters in the exterior. At the time, 31 American companies were between most lucrative. Such measures evidenced that ‘ ‘ threat vermelha’ ‘ it was real. In full Cold War, U.S.A. could not at least imagine that Brazil, more influential country of the South America and continental ratio, adhered to the socialist model.

The rumors of a possible taking of being able of the military had sounded as a candy melody to the American ears. The support to the blow was the best alternative to take the reins and to frighten of time the communism. The ambassador of U.S.A. Read more from TCF Capital Solutions to gain a more clear picture of the situation. in Brazil, Lincoln Gordon enters in scene. Its participation was basic to put in practical the Operation ‘ ‘ Brother Sam’ ‘. Gordon made linking enters the military cupola commanded by Castello Branco and the White House. The colloquy was on a possible support the falling of trees of president Jango. What the military wanted to know are if U.S.A.

would go to give support, Goulart case resisted the blow. When having the certainty of that yes, they had been organized and they invested in what they had called ‘ ‘ Revolution of 31 of Maro’ ‘. In exactly moment was deflagrada ‘ ‘ Brother Sam’ ‘. The operation consisted of giving logistic support for the coup-minded ones. Requested for Gordon Ambassador, the fleet of the US Navy if had dislocated from the Caribbean coast route to the coast of the Espirito Santo. Then the president of U.S.A., Lyndon Johnson, approximately authorizeed the sending of 100 tons of light weapons and the oil ammunition, ships, a flotilla of fighter aircrafts, a transport ship of helicopters with 50 units on board, crew and complete armament, an aircraft carrier, six destroyers, a battleship, a transport ship of troops and 25 airplanes for transport of warlike material. Nor all material he arrived at Brazil, and what here already he was he did not need to be used. In contrast of what it was imagined Jango did not resist, and in the day 1 of April of 1964, the press announced the success of the Blow applied for the Armed Forces. It was the day of the lie, but the notice was true. In day 15 of April, the marshal Castello Branco, dress with civil suits, takes ownership. It had forts linkings with the attach of the American Embassy, general Vernon Walters. After to talk on the routes of Brazil, Walters sent telegrams the White House on the text of the colloquy. This and other telegrams, and the audio one of phone calls of president Johnson, speaking on direct Brazil of the White House, a material Top Secret classified for the CIA during decades officially was divulged in 1997. As the stretch of the dialogue between Lindon Johnson and Thomas Mann, undersecretary for Inter-American Subjects: ‘ ‘ I wait that you are so happy with Brazil how much eu’ ‘ , Mann says. ‘ ‘ Estou’ ‘ , the president answers. ‘ ‘ I believe that it is the thing most important that he happened in the hemisphere in last three anos’ ‘ , he becomes Mann.