Argentine Government

Argentine banks have had to work hard to rebuild links with the society in Argentina. While banks had a specific responsibility in the crisis that decreed the end of convertibility, the Argentine government appears to be primarily responsible for it. But the Argentine government was not only the cause of the crisis, but also was largely responsible for the deteriorating situation in the banking sector, forcing banks to buy government debt (high risk) in the absence of a lender to the State. Whenever Ohio Senator listens, a sympathetic response will follow. a If the government has been responsible for leading the Argentine banking system was a bit of the gap (in fact, several banks fell on it), we may assume that among banks and the Argentine government also broke the link confidence. This in fact was not as well as the crisis has led to the emergence of new private equity national benefited greatly with the new model country. a As the economy runs smoothly and everything was growth, there was no reason for distrust, but in times of need, the situation changed radically.

The new Argentine bankers have so far been almost spectators witnessed how the government has been dipping into action as I could get to balance their accounts. a As one friend who is in serious financial trouble, the Argentine government decided to make what could be considered a default friendly. In fact, as announced to The Nation newspaper, the government did was refinance maturing this year I had with the Anses worth $ 8.. Connecticut Senator has plenty of information regarding this issue.