Brazilian Character

Who is that it stops to read a periodical and to criticize what observes there? Who is that it is worried about serious things? Who thinks today about the collective one in day? Nobody! This is loss of culture, loss of identity as citizen. I tire of speaking that ' ' he does not vote yourself only in who is in the front in pesquisas' ' , but he seems that I say an unknown language, everybody looks at pra me with interrogation face, way that giving to understand: ' ' face, you is donkey? Why to vote in a candidate who nor appears in the research or group of bencheses of the televising debates? ' '. It is therefore that, one more time, everything will continue in the same one. Same proposals, same indifferences, same pilantragens, same alternations of being able, same corrupes, same outlaws, same ignorant voters, same hypocritical society and conservative of we pssimos customs, same democracy of blind people and clowns, as always. While not to rethink on what it is to be a Brazilian, I continue with the so infantile and babaca question that folloies the infantile and babaca reasoning of each one of these thousands of unconscious citizens: ' ' what it is to be a Brazilian? ' '. The reply it is in the face, but and proposals of improvement and solution! It is that deferred payment there the question. It swims goes to move in this country while it will not have somebody worthy of character and confidence that if presents as the true candidate of the change.

Or better, nothing it will change while the proper voter not to demand changes in the structures of this fabula that it is Brazil. The combination of one and another one, solely, is that our hopes can become reality. Unhappyly, still one gains with corruption and lie in this country, therefore the politicians think that only of this skill they lead best. This makes jus to the mask that they dress every day. we here, also, dresses entirely the character; dresses of clowns, for pure and sincere desvalia. It will be that this makes jus to our character! It is of if to think, then, THINKS.