Case Work

Chtoby be a winner, look for the benefit of anytime, anywhere for example, pay attention to what goods this month, you offer a discount, so you can save not a bad amount of money. 6. imagine that a crisis is your chance to change lives for the better, if you are left without work, realistically assess their chances, try to improve their skills or learn a new activity in which you would be interested to work, it’s a great opportunity. 7.Vo during hard financial problems every month buy or even update your wardrobe, so turn the imagination and become a designer of his clothing, where at the lowest cost you will be a lot of new clothes and interesting experience. 8.Benzin – it is an expensive luxury, and therefore a very good way to save, I suggest not stand half – of the day in traffic inhaling fumes, and change seats on public transport, just imagine how many books you have time to read or listen to new album favorite band or even just take a nap, while not sacrificing their time. 9.B currently very popular lunch and dinner in restaurants, once again popular, but not helpful for you and for your wallet. On average, one campaign, such as sushi for two people the average check is up from 2000 rubles, without a limb, it all depends on your appetite. Imagine now that for 2000 rubles a family of three people can eat a week, far more useful and nutritious food.

So maybe we will take care of their welfare in general? and more often to eat at home the whole family. 10.Rabota – this man’s work, for which he receives financial compensation, someone is physically, someone intelligent or creativity. In order to achieve success in their work, the case that you do should interest you, sometimes we forget that the work should work and the crisis is exactly the time when it is necessary to actively promote their ideas, suggestions, look for clients, just as in the first place you’ll be able to help themselves. Each individual person, so he decides what to do during a crisis, be silent listener who quietly waiting on the sidelines or the master of its destiny, which only plays the main role. In any case, the crisis is over, and as usual after every recession, there will rise. Only whether to postpone the time for later? Take matters into your own hands and soon we will hear about you.