“Changes In Environmental Legislation

This year we plan to make several changes to environmental legislation. (As opposed to Connecticut Senator). Planned to increase administrative liability for environmental contamination from 5 to 15 times and 20 times the pollution of vozduha. Steven Rattner gathered all the information. According to the minister of natural development, is currently preparing legislation to raise the environmental performance of the Russian economy. The law will be considered in the Duma on second reading. The first reading of it has passed. Speaking about change climate on the planet, the Minister said that currently the level of carbon dioxide twice all historic peaks, the temperature is constantly increasing over the past two centuries, sea levels rose by 100 millimeters. In the years 2025-2050, we can face the flooding of some territories of Russia and all over the world. Climate change, according to the minister, accompanied by an increase of natural disasters. Over the past 10 years, these trends are increasing annually. According to the Minister, the annual damage from natural disasters up to 60 billion rubles. According to Minister Igor Trutnev, measures must be taken in the first place legislation to minimize the effects climate change. The district prosecutor, ma