Civil Procedure

I am not going solve problems globally, because before the advent of civil society in our country far away. Amazon may not feel the same. Perhaps the present crisis will accelerate and judicial reform in Russia. To do this, have the following prerequisites: the crisis generated irresponsible and immoral attitude of society towards its future and with time it will be embraced by society, and without effective judicial protection of Russia is of no interest for long-term investment and involving advanced technologies, which will also be realized by those "other" society. My recipe for judicial reform is quite simple – to organize the control over the quality of judicial decisions. Option number 1. You must implement 'capital Truth '. The court decision should find a place of reflection, in accordance with the requirements of Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation, all the arguments of the parties, the evaluation of all evidence, the legal analysis of the substantive law and findings of Findings based on case.

I understand that technically it is already in the articles of the Russian Federation Code of Civil Procedure, regulating and maintaining court decisions and substantive grounds for its cancellation, but you must change the cpc so that for violation of these requirements, the court decision certainly abolished in all courts and could not 'resist' the alleged right decisions on the merits. chp must ensure access to justice in any instance to every citizen with guaranteed as a solution. Doubtful validity and a six-month period from the decision enters into force for all supervisory review! Yes, in this period the courts themselves with their terms on the responses and case study can not meet, not to mention the timing of the mail and distances in our country! Categorically, under pain of unconditional revocation, you must install the duty of all courts to respond to everyone, without exception, the applicant's appeal and argument oversight of complaints, rather than get rid motivated refusal, the main motive of which usually goes like this: "Your arguments are obviously wrong, because you'll always be wrong, and the law you can not properly understand because you do not judge, the law can only understand correctly judge, as everyone else, even lawyers, this is not given, because who the law applies, and that it understands.