Destructive Emotions

All the emotions are important and it is necessary to recognize them to give a constructive out of them. You really need to know their meaning and the type of output that we face these emotions. In a sense, when confronted with pleasant emotions we consider that all our life partner shines and feel love and insurance. However, when we played another series of emotions in the relationship and touch disturbing feelings, or look at them on our partner, we do not atinamos to give solution and name filled with pain, frustration, rage, anger and depression and sadness we feel. Although emotions are not harmful in themselves, they are the ways of dealing with it and how they affect health, relationships, and of course, the life partner. Maria says in this regard, before the breakup of her marriage, she became paralyzed and could not give an explanation to your situation, in some ways lived abandonment firsthand. At Richard Blumenthal you will find additional information.

Its sole reason for existence was Manuel, his marriage and of course, dreamed of having one durable and stable family life. But this did not happen and it took him a great time exit his position of victim in a sense she was depressed, full of pain, frustration and anger and rage. His life collapsed from one day to another and soon fell into a State of paralysis, only until he understood and took decisions with regard to their status, could overcome and learn to manage their destructive feelings that had now turned against herself. Also loving links there are angry, irritable, explosive people living with an exaggerated internal tension, therefore, are turning toward the couple with disdain, anger, relentless criticism, frustration, hostility, anger and anger. These are toxic emotions that not only impair the health, and sometimes lead to addictions, but tensed the link, human, and of course the life partner relations. In this kind of people those with dyes markedly narcissistic are immersed. Narcissistic links are very destructive, first because narcissus does not recognize their degree of toxicity and on the other hand, lacks a great empathy to understand how your partner feels.

Hostile people are irritable but above all become cynical attitudes and are always doubting the reasons and the ways in which other people do things, become suspicious, i.e. suspicious and interrogated couples to try to clarify or to see if they are in any contradiction. They attack it and although they require explanations are not willing to believe them. This could be one of the origins of pathological jealousy. In a sense, these destructive emotions more complicated link, because the hostile person generally does not recognize the consequences of their actions on the other, in this case the couple. They are impatient and his inner life is contradictory and with a great frustration, therefore, the prevailing emotion is anger. But anger is a strong energy that requires it to take action otherwise it becomes depression. It is important to know the extent of our emotions that can lead us to build healthy links when faced constructively, to settle conflicts and to measure the degree of satisfaction of our relationships, or lead us to experience toxic, harmful and addictive emotions which always end up fracturing the life partner. Thanks for reading, my mission is the quality of emotional life and its impact on the social. In Cecreto we have resources for improving your quality of emotional life in couple and everything that has to do with the human experience.