Federal Constitution Deficiency

They demonstrate increasing responsibility, beyond promoting one better form of learning through the insertion of education between the pupils. Thus being, that all the citizens can learn to be part of the construction of the knowledge, independent to be or not people with necessities special. Details can be found by clicking Author or emailing the administrator. In the inclusive school all the professors must be specialized to deal with pupils whom some type of deficiency possesss, because course of qualification for all does not exist the types of deficiencies. Moreover, the family must be the great pillar, for the stimulation and claim of the essential changes for construction of an inclusive society, to more than charge the government, elaboration and approval of laws that favor a school of quality for all with or without deficiency. The inclusion comes to be one ample process that faces preconceptions inside and outside of the school, that is, social movement that involves comprometimento and collective participation of the society from the governmental politics in the administrative spheres (municipal state and federal). The emancipation of the human, express rights through the social inaqualities, of the chance to all the citizens to be participated of the productive process of the society and the disruptions with the preconceptions, typical stereos and stigmata constructed historically and arraigados in imaginary the social one. Panaroma historical, social and politician of Brazil (1999) believe that the inclusive education will not be effected by decree, will be necessary to evaluate the real conditions that make possible the inclusion continue systematic and planned. It has 15 years with the promulgation of the Federal Constitution of Brazil of 1988, foresees the attendance to the carriers of deficiency in the regular net of education. The inclusive school part of the estimated one of the heterogeneidade and leads in consideration capacities, acquisitions and modalidalidades of learning of the students of different groups. The deficient person is any person incapable to assure partially for itself, same total or, the necessities of normal an individual or social life, in result of a congenital deficiency or not, in its physical or mental capacity.