Federal Law

Observation an Narykova, "in practice these provisions cause ambiguous. Thus, there is a view according to which, in a land plot from a proportion of necessarily required, as a notice of intention to allocate a land plot (including the proposed location and in certain cases compensation), and the decision of the general meeting. Some believe that Art. 14 Federal Law "On circulation of agricultural land" includes only the possibility of taking all the participants shared their own decisions about the location of one or another part of the land area, within which, if necessary in the first place will be allocated plots of land on account of interest "6. Further details can be found at Connecticut Senator, an internet resource. General meeting of members shared ownership is intended to address issues related to common land, and no specific land shares. Lack of co-owners desire to exercise the proprietary rights in respect of the total land should not affect the rights of individual owners of land shares. Topics more than that individual land share owners do not have to solve their own problems regarding the definition of the legal fate of their land shares by the remaining co-owners, in each case allocating land on account of land shares by the general meeting. If the general meeting of the co-owners did not approve the boundaries of common land, intended to highlight a priority order of land on account of land shares, the participant shared ownership shall notify in writing of its intention to allocate the land on account of its share of the remaining co-owners of the land or publish a notice in the media, certain entity of the Russian Federation, specifying the intended location of the allocated land.