Federal University

The Jorge Blacksmith is associate professor of the Department of History of the Federal University of Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro. In its workmanship Brazil Republic that was written together with Thin the Luciana historian, searchs to analyze the structure politics of Brazil during the Republic, for this they cite the alliances politics that had been constructed, the economic conflicts and sproutings of popular organizations. In I capitulate eight Blacksmith initiates saying on the historiografia of Goulart Joo and the blow to it of 1964, the sample that, however they search to incriminate it for a blow as being Goulart the only present individual in this act, however tries in irreversible and unavoidable way to blame the collective. From there the author speaks of the historigrafos that try to personalize history. Showing the vision of the right, where enxerga as a corrupt demagogue who was influenced for Communists.

In against departure of the left, the president was a leader bourgeois of mass, thus executing the blow. An explanation that enters in consensus for the two sides of the historians is of that Goulart Joo was assumed the perfio of one populist politician. The blow for many was resultant of the crisis of the exporting agrarian area. Or that the economic crisis demanded an authoritarian regimen for regulation of the conflicts. After to cite the beliefs of the historians in relation to the blow Jorge Blacksmith appeals, as it writes, to the historical methods, for this it tries to reconstruct which the social interests of the participants of this historical process and conflicts. It starts speaking of the parliamentarism, where he was implanting pressas, with intention to hinder the military blow, the great interest is observed in if to keep the democracy, exactly thus Goulart keeps commerce with the socialist countries. Goulart Joo receives as inheritance a country with a great economic crisis, to try finally to this crisis, it travels for U.S.A.