Game Participation

If you promise to win more than five hundred rubles, be prepared to ensure that you not only get the promised money, but also to the fact that participation in the game essentially empty your wallet. Here, the law of an arithmetic progression. The greater the amount promise you, the easier it is to win and the more potential winners, the more you pay. Do not send sms, read to start at least the "Rules". Read them, incidentally, very difficult, as they recruited small white type on a red background. From the very first lines it appears that the sts is not well-known television (in passing, site owners pour their namesakes of dirt that they do not paint).

Hey, guys, if you do not like this "and barely caught stealing live television station, "then why use their logo? Although a naive question. Clearly the same reason – the logo sts is the Russians have a no confidence. However, the ctc of guessing – it's some modern television systems. What a system and what their present anywhere no further clarified. But (unless of course you managed to read through the rules until the end, without losing sight), it turns out one small but important detail. For sms you take from 7 rubles, and much more. "The cost of a sms to short number 8385 about 150 rubles depending on the operator The campaign cost of access operating at a rate of five rubles a day, the rate of a hundred and ten days of access, so the total access price is five hundred and fifty rubles, payment access is done by sending three sms paid number.