Generic Drugs and Government

The generic drug has the same active ingredient, pharmaceutical formulation and composition of the original product and therefore can be bought cheaper. But the multimillion-dollar pharmaceutical companies argue that to achieve the final product, they had to invest large amounts of capital over a long period of time and these costs are attached to the sales prices to the detriment of the consumer, at the same time the producer receives huge profits. The existing intellectual property laws give companies a period of time for patent protection after which the investigations to be published by other laboratories to manufacture them without further research. To evade these laws, the companies argue, among other excuses, who continue research to develop and improve these products in favor of humanity. A recent report of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS) in Panama, said the fact a compromise increasingly to protect the intellectual property of pharmaceutical industries in developed countries, reducing the spaces for skills with the result that the drugs are purchased at high prices and thus less accessible registers for the population pobrea . This United Nations specialized agency said that the entry into force of the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and of Central America, would result in expenditures higher health for developing countries, since studies in nations that have already adopted such arrangements indicate that a neoliberal HTSP have overly expensive drugs for the treatment of HIV and other endangerment . UNAIDS as an example that treatment with amlodipine (generic) can cost 90 000 dollars, but if you use the patented drug cost reaches the astonishing figure of $ 7.2 million is added, that two years ago was held in Pretoria a lawsuit against the government in which the accusers were 39 international pharmaceutical companies.