How To Collect Debts And Resolve A Family Dispute

Recently, the issue of debt repayment has become very relevant for many organizations and enterprises are also not spared this problem, and ordinary citizens. Unfortunately, not only within individual organizations and enterprises, but also not familiar with the matter nationals bad idea of what should be a process of debt collection. Report this work with debtors has many negative examples. The problem of growth of overdue debts identified the need for professionals engaged in debt collection. Most of the debt of individuals are family bonds. But it is not always a spouse or former spouses are fair and honest with each other, necessitating recourse to the courts prior to the uneasy pre-trial preparations.

The solution of the above issues is in progress trial and pretrial proceedings. The views of different judges on certain situations, despite the unambiguous guidance law may diverge immaterial, subjective and other factors that may affect the outcome the trial process. Such legal services, as representation in the courts significantly reduces the risk of losing the case, to protect the rights and interests of citizens. In addition, lawyers help in preparing claim statements or objections, filing a claim in court, a complete representation of interests in different instances, the analysis of the documents submitted with an oral or written report, prediction results and determining whether judicial resolution of the dispute, the selection of possible solutions to the dispute and much more. In respect of family proceedings, except for child support, a situation greatly simplifies the presence of marriage contract. This kind of contract is a type of bilateral transaction and is subject to general rules of validity of the transaction. Prenuptial agreement (contract) – the agreement of the persons entering into marriage, or an agreement spouses, defining property rights and obligations of spouses in marriage and (or) in case of divorce. It can be concluded prior to marriage (in which case he takes legal effect from the date of state registration of marriage), and at any time as long as people are married (in which case he is a prisoner since his notarization), and in effect for marriage and to be terminated at any time by mutual agreement between the spouses. The marriage contract can be signed under the condition, that is, conditions may be foreseen, depending on the occurrence or non-occurrence of which there are certain rights and responsibilities (eg, birth).