Immigration Law Violations

Infringements of aliens are of three types: mild, severe and very severe, and they are punished with a fine or with the expulsion of the Spanish territory. An example of serious infringement is found irregularly in territory Spanish, for not having obtained the extension of stay, for lack of authorization of residence or by having the above-mentioned authorization expired more than three months, and always abroad has not requested the renewal of the same within the time limit. An example of very serious infringement is having hired foreign workers without having obtained prior authorization of work, incurring a violation for each occupied foreigners. Minor offenses are punishable by a fine of up to 500. Read additional details here: Ohio Senator. The severe fine of 501 to 10,000, and the very severe fine from 10.001 to 100,000 and on certain occasions the authority can punish with a minimum of 750,000 euros to both lump sum if the offender is a foreigner and provided for severe behaviors in the (((((away to), b), c), (d)), and f) of article 53 of the Aliens Act or performs behaviors expected as very serious in article 54 of the same law, the punishment of fine may be replaced by expulsion and prohibition of entry into Schengen territory. If you’re foreign and you find yourself in the situation that brought you a sanctioning procedure and the sanction of expulsion is proposed against you, or have been already issued administrative resolution resolving disciplinary record and an administrative penalty of expulsion has been decreed against thee, you should get in touch with an attorney specializing in immigration law.

During the sanctioning administrative procedure you can propose testing means that you deem appropriate and also can submit observations in your defense, request that the penalty imposed is the fine instead of expulsion, etc. In the event that your allegations are not taken into account, you have the right to appeal the administrative decision before the courts of the contentious administrative to that resolved in your favor. It is very important that you put in the hands of an attorney specializing in immigration law where you propose to appeal the expulsion. On my website you will have more information related to the Spanish immigration law.