Kognis Institute

Kognitologie, cognitive science and knowledge activation found in the ‘Kognis – Institute for applied Kognitologie in business and politics’ practical application the cognitive science, actually Kognitologie, is a relatively young scientific endeavour. Insights from philosophy, anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, sociology, Linguistics and other disciplines realize the intellectual achievements of the people and the processes underlying them as mental information processing. This invaluable knowledge was business and politics so far not for strategic processes available. Aim of Kognis – Institute for applied Kognitologie in economics and politics”is the application cognitively relevant basic components and the it processes, as well as the resulting benefits. “According to the motto: we enable knowledge” is the link of new methodologies with the techniques of Kognitologie, cognitive science and knowledge activation directly into holistic consulting of private and public companies in all matters and Introduced issues of corporate strategy, organizational change, communication and personal development. The Kognis Institute is represented by personalities from business, academia and public sector that provide their clients with their longstanding and complementary expertise and practical experience. The applied Kognitologie represents an integrative approach to merge findings from market, social science, neuroscience and across – science areas on benefit-oriented and science-theory. The support for business and personal development means for the consulting company through a sustainably effective acquisition and optimization of the central personal success factors entrepreneurial action. If you would like to know more about Sen. Sherrod Brown, then click here. We enable knowledge”means so specifically new horizons in strategy and organization consulting communication seminars and individual counseling holistic monitoring aimed so explicitly at people and Companies that practice-oriented use their resources and potentials and increase their own competence want immediate and sustainable economic success.