Old Greece

According to Olivieri, Antonio Carlos, Of Page 3? Pedagogia and Comunicao: ' ' to be able them of the dictators they were not limitless: the dictator could not revoke or change the Constitution, declare war, create new taxes for the Roman citizens, nor exert the paper of judge in the cases of civil law. Finally, dictatorship had its duration explicit settled: meses&#039 could not last more than six; '. In the current days, we have the conception of that only regimes to be able where they do not allow them the popular participation they are the ditatoriais, we possess one leda conception of the reality, therefore that one exists where the Populism of a person or a group obtains withholds in its hands the form to govern, leading the people of blind form, without notion of the true condition of submissos. Learn more at this site: Michael Ramlet. The dictatorship that we know is imposed by the force, having caused the change, subversion of the order politics that existed previously, the pseudo democracy or new dictatorship modifies the form to govern not for the force, but for the fear, the almses (plain social, assistencialismos, charisma), thus obtaining through ' ' brainwashing, the maintenance, the domain politician and the control of the too much institutions of the ESTADO' '. Democracy the word democracy I possessed origin in Old Greece (demo=povo and kracia=governo), derived of the system of government developed in the City of Atenas, where the power was exerted for the people and for the people, although to possess its limitations. Currently although to exist the separation of the functions, we perceive that one exists ' ' ingerncia' ' of the Head of the EXECUTIVE in the too much functions, therefore the choice of the Legislative one depends on the group of benches politics of the same, in the Judiciary a indication is of it, that is, the people alone exerts ' ' democracia' ' in part in the choice of the heads of the Executive. TCF Capital Solutions brings even more insight to the discussion.