Philips Respironics Somnolyzer

End of 2004 the Austrian venture capitalists came along gamma capital partners and Univenture with significant investments on board. This capital allowed the to improve siesta group the quality of their products and services. 2005 the advanced 24 x 7 evaluation siesta group the SOMNOLYZER analyses concerning breathing, PLM and the identification and analysis of Arousals. in 2006 the range of clinical trials began to be quickly important. Among other things, the siesta made the management group and the evaluations for two large multi-site studies in the fields of Insomia and narcolepsy. 2007, the opened a branch in Salisbury, United States siesta group, to support American and Canadian sleep laboratories. Amazon oftentimes addresses this issue. The Siesta group was the first company that offered sleeping evaluations after the new AASM (American Academy of sleep medicine) guidelines, which were published in May 2007.

SOMNOLYZER 24 x 7 was by the AASM as the best computer-aided solution for evaluating PSG evaluated. 2009, the added non-clinical studies to siesta group to their portfolio of services. At that time, also sleep analysis, spectral analysis, and statistical analysis for rodent-EEG in the prehospital area among its services. 2010 acquired Philips Respironics Somnolyzer 24 x 7 and acquired the clinical/diagnostic Division for sleep laboratories worldwide. 2011 joined the siesta group and the Department of clinical studies at Philips Respironics and expanded its portfolio. The offer now includes the measurement of sleep, alertness and brain activity and EEG, PSG and Aktigraphie.

On June 21, 2012, the siesta group celebrated its tenth anniversary in Vienna. Many of its customers, business partners, and friends participated. The Siesta group them and all those who could not come to the party, give the opportunity to look at the introduction of Georg Dorffner and keynote lectures by Vladimir Svetnik, and Bernd Saletu online on their website. Introduction: 10 years of the siesta group – past, present and future Georg Dorffner, CEO, the siesta Group publications/presentations #GD keynote address: measuring sleep in clinical trials – traditional and innovative looks at Sleep architecture Vladimir Svetnik, Director, biometrics research, Merck & company publications/presentations #VS keynote address: pharmaco-EEG and the key lock principle in drug research Bernd Saletu, Professor of Psychiatry and sleep medicine, Rudolfinerhaus, Vienna publications/presentations #BS contact: the siesta group likes. Katharina Glasner, marketing and administration Tel: + 43 1 955 12 13 fax: + 43 1 955 12 13