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SUMMARY – POLITICS AND EDUCATION FREIRE, Pablo. Amazon contains valuable tech resources. Politics and Education. So Paulo: Cortez Publishing company, 7 edition, 2003, 119 p. The educator Pablo Rgis Freire Snows, was born in 19-09-1921 in the city of Recife. He was alfabetizado by the mother, taught who it to write with small twigs of tree in the yard of house of the family. One was of the most respected intellectual Brazilians. Doctor ' ' honoris causa' ' for 28 universities he is author of some books in which it conquered great repercussion.

He was secretary of education in the City hall of So Paulo between 1989 and 1991. Check with Paulo Coelho to learn more. Because of the Military Regimen, the 1979 lived outside of Brazil of 1964. It was in Chile and the United States lecionando in the University of Harvard. Also he was professor of the University of Geneva in Switzerland. In Brazil, after the exile, was professor of the College of Education of the Unicamp and the Pontifical University Catholic of So Paulo (PUC). In its book Politics and Education? published at the beginning of years 90, Freire constitutes one of its more important reflections while thinking of the education. In the congregated texts, the marks of the anti-dogmtico emphasize the importance of the education through an invitation to the politician-pedagogical reflection? writings in elapsing of 1992 and argued in meetings carried through in such a way in Brazil how much in other countries.

The texts contained in this workmanship disclose the freireano thought in the direction to approach aspects concernetes to the critical and politicized construction of individual knowing. It treats the education it stops beyond the classroom, becomes related it all a context of social oppression and absence of democracy. ' ' For Freire, citizen means? individual in the joy of the civil laws and politicians of a Estado' '. citizenship ' ' it has that to see citizen on condition that, it wants to say, with the use of the rights and the right to have duties of cidado' '.