Politics and Lourdes Flores

Our politicians and candidates at both the municipal government and the presidency of the republic, they are hilarious. As I said before the battle began and “pitched” among them, to achieve this goal. Miss Lourdes Flores, (candidate for mayor of Metropolitan Lima) started throwing the first stone as a projectile in this little war. He accused Mr Alex Kouri (also a candidate for mayor) of having had Montesinos, (which is true, “without wanting to justify Ms. Lourdes”).

To which Mr. Kouri, against attack, presenting a video of the last six months (approximately), in which Lourdes Kouri throws flowers in his term as regional president. It is demonstrated, it is true what the saying: “In love and war, everything is permitted” and I would add: “In love, war and politics, everything is permitted.” What happens, is that Mr. Alex and Ms. Lourdes, had not the faintest idea, makes seven months (approximately) back, that would be candidates for mayor of Lima. Click to learn more. Now they are rivals, to grab the two, because each will use whatever happened between them to attack and defend in this war that has already begun.

The struggle for power, will not show any signs of scruples on the part of the two candidates ‘main’ for mayor. All will go to air dirty laundry, in the most savage and brutish. And the media are complicit in this, since it does not show the participation of the other candidates for mayor. In an unusual and unexpected way, Mrs. Rosa Maria palaces, in its “Free Press”, he said nothing about the press conference gave Mr Alex Kouri, and what you said this in a sarcastic and ironic way, featuring Lourdes as his party’s official spokesperson.