President Joaquim Pacheco

MP, minister and exile Established in Madrid, Salamanca developed a great talent for business, which reported along great joys of life and hard times. In 1839 obtained the monopoly of salt, also starting to invest in the Madrid Stock Exchange. Their purchasing power is increasing and growing contacts between Madrid’s high society. His control over the salt business earned him the enmity of General Narvaez, whom he temporarily fell out. His political career was also rising, when he was appointed finance minister by President Joaquim Pacheco in 1847. Following the resignation in October this year, Salamanca goes to exercise de facto head of government until a new president, Florencio Garcia Goyena dismisses him because he was a parliamentary commission investigating alleged illegal activities under his ministry. This would be a big slowdown in its ascent in politics.The situation once again changed to Queen Elizabeth II to intervene, dismissing the entire government and appointed a new president Ram n Mar a Narv ez y Campos, who took up office for the third time in four years. The coming to power of Narvaez Salamanca pushes into exile in France, where he remained until 1849. Five years later he would leave a second time, at the time revolution of 1854 (which were its characters as black beasts Salamanca) which would lead to . There has been to the famous 28 June (1854) a limited partnership for the operation of all discount charges for all businesses that the country had to pay with their blood. Cristina and her manager Capitane bala Salamanca, monster of immorality, was, as the vulgar saying is, its figurehead.Introduce yourself to the business of railways in Spain and rush to trade all the limited partnership as a pack of hungry wolves, which no one was astonished, because he was not admiring newspaper “The Enlightenment”, 24 July 1854, during the Two Progressive and being exiled Salamanca. Following this, in 1856, Salamanca obtained the title of senator for life in the Spanish Cortes.