Professional Participants

Let's go in order: What is meant by the term assets? In this context, the assets – this investment instruments that make up the investment portfolio of the fund, and must be purchased through a joint investment, the is due to investors' money. Who are the professional participants of the stock market? This is an asset management company (AMC), which received a license of the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market Commission (Securities Commission) on implementation of asset management activities. This is an exceptional kind of activity to which they are entitled to do. Thus, asset management – is an exceptional view of asset management companies, which implies the formation of the structure of portfolio investment fund, according to its investment strategy in order to receive investment income. Read more from Senator Richard Blumenthal to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The determining factor in choosing a strategy appears relation possible risks and * the likelihood of obtaining a certain level of income.

Detail the policies I will not give just one example: an investment fund with a conservative investment strategy. The Company's Asset management can manage the assets as collective investment institutions (ISI) and private pension funds (NPF). Strategists for the apf to its specificity is defined as long-term. Sample results asset management activities of npf. Management of isi can be divided into two branches: The first – the assets of public funds, ie those investors who can be anyone, and of course having the means investor.

Second – Private Asset Management (circuit) funds. We are talking about the isi, as a tool for solving various problems of one or several large investors. Total: The main objective of asset management – it is to earn investment income to investors of the investment funds. * Yes, it is likely, since no in investing, nor in any other case you no one can give a hundred percent guarantee about something. Just because this one does not exist in nature. And for the amc to ensure profitability is prohibited by law. In the course I want to note that before you invest in an investment fund novice investor must ask ourselves: is it the fact that his investments can lose their value when he wants to pick them up and if he wants to wait for the situation of "healing" and eventually there will be enough for his patience to watch as his rodnenkie moolah every day melt away like ice on fire? And oh, how it's all real! An example of this is not far in 2008, after which the index is one of the major Ukrainian sites (PFTS) was 301.42 points, whereas in the beginning of this year, he was 1,174 points, "nothing so much difference, I can tell you." I write this not to scare or discourage investment, but only because that person who wants to start investing, understand that may await him and was ready for it.