Russian Foreign Ministry

Recently the Russian press appeared a number of publications, the general meaning of which is to ensure that it is time for Russia to reconsider its attitude towards the Taliban. Moreover, there are reports that such revision has supposedly been made and Russia until the beginning of the backstage, but real negotiations with Taliban leaders, some armed groups. Thus, AN Serenko, Expert Centre for the Study of Modern Afghanistan in its Article from 29.05.2009g. writes that Russia found a common language with some Pashtun leaders of the Taliban and today controls one of the Taliban armed groups in the area of the Afghan-Pakistani borderlands. And although the author Frankly, that set out the information they are based solely on hearsay, I ask, why did they have nothing to unconfirmed rumors spread to the wider Russian audience? On the other hand, what basis the author qualifies the official policy of the Russian leadership and the efforts of the Russian Foreign Ministry, aimed at eradicating the terrorist threat, including coming from the territory Afghanistan as a "ritual repetition of Russian officials, the diplomatic" mantra "about the need to support the efforts of the international community in its relentless struggle against terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan? " For their part, many years engaged in the Afghan-themed and carefully keeping track of all the changes occurring today in Afghanistan and around it, I dare say that Russia's policy in respect of the Taliban movement, which led in 2001. their country on the brink of national disaster, remains unchanged.