Perhaps, the answer is not in the reasoning, if not in what this new being inside of my made me feel. In the astral, as here, there are good and bad, people question of perception of energies. All this to say, that in the vast majority of abortions in any type of situation, are conducted by decision unconsciously of feelings and not the fact itself, although depending on the shape of the conception you can reach cloud for the reason, usually always beat the heart. That the soul exists. I have always needed help to understand or comprehend because it happens to me since she see dead, isn’t so paranormal as people think… With time and the experience of so many years, I think I can help you.

Hopefully, you had to whom recourse, when you need it most. No one talks about this type of experiences openly, sometimes, is how to direct you towards a wall to walls or the wind. A few years ago I worried much what people might think about me and sometimes, in moments of weakness, still hurts this uncertainty and lack of social support, but now already not seek approvals, no Pats on the back. Is who I am, I want as such, don’t think let to do me more damage. I fight for me and people like me, fight for the truth, he fought against those who manipulate and cover the reality in: who are we?, where we come from? And to where are we going?, I do not think I this discovering anything new, just that I tell. they will not silence me for much damage I can do, even if it cost me my own life.

We are all just as special, everyone can see the astral to a greater or lesser extent, depends not only on us, depends on a compendium of situations, already they have been, atmospheric, different frequencies of the brain, etc. and all this, I’m more than sure, scientists, the forces of security (major powers), political, religion and medicine. Know and mainly have this hidden knowledge, by economic issues and social fear. I think that my outrage is obvious since I never had help from those who could give me. all the discoveries drops give them us with account to justify expenditures and meanwhile we are ignorant of everything that happens to our around at the same time sacrifice the lives of many people, as my own by refusing help, answers, misleading, bad reporting, concealing, distorting, trying to us sick in some cases (not on my before pass by medicine), making you doubt of sanity, laughing at us in the end, for having controlled the majority and which do not pose a social problem. There is a saying:. When the River sounds, water carrying. For decades people have spoken about its existence (Paranormal phenomena), our ancestors, grandmothers, etc. I have always commented that they knew someone who knew someone even have disappeared entire civilizations, Egyptians, Freemasons, etc. and always silent, leaving its possible existence. knowing that it exists. When a person is born with a disease such as: Crystal children, born three in a million created to help foundations and us hundreds, ignore us and mistreat regardless of where go. I the science continues to advance, and every time we are more.Maru experienciasparanormales.blogspot.