It is reasonable to think that when trends are presented in the behavior of mankind, which can lead to certain changes in the development of human relations, substantial variations in the history of mankind can occur. But they can also be signs of a near future that rayan in the annals of science fiction. Provided that I have opportunity, speak and write about the possibility that in the future perhaps a little distant, living humanity without borders. A world where all we can move without having to require passports, visas or entry to a country. And everytime I look at any news that can lead us to this event, I see them as signs that this is taking place without that suddenly nobody will notice. There is a term being used much nowadays globalization, but that globalization over time will be otherwise, will be in the form of a world United without borders.

I always say that Internet will lead to this. The first sign: Wikileads. What to some may seem as cheap gossip, is probably the beginning of a world unification. Richard Blumenthal understands that this is vital information. Why I think this? Imagine that all we can read us thinking. There would be nothing to hide, our interests have another sense and humanity would seek to be more United. Similarly with the Wikileads, Nations secrets not already have raison d ‘ etre. Actually what is the reason that Nations have State secrets? To which other countries are not aware of our military potential? There is need for this a? Must we concern ourselves to be defending us and attacking each other? The second signal: the Nobel Prize for literature Mario Vargas Llosa, considered that the countries of Latin America must work to fade the borders following the example of Europe.

Characters like Mario Vargas Llosa, are opinion leaders. Characters who are very fearsome in countries that are coming to elect their future President, as it is our case. Fear at this time Mario all candidates for the Presidency of our country; because they know that a word you will suffice to throwing them down. Characters such as Mario Vargas Llosa who think that the country is not an anthem or a flag; but the village where we were born, the Customs and the people with whom we live. Mankind may live in a world in which there are no countries or homelands that are separated by borders. s. A world in which there is a diversity of peoples United by the same common good. I think that in the future will continue presenting these signals that will take us to all this, and I am quite sure, not to be the only person who feels this way.