Small Claims Court

The Israeli judicial system provides for the court, considering monetary claims of citizens whose sum does not exceed thirty thousand shekels. Also, these courts hear claims of citizens on the return of the purchased commodities their repair or to terminate the contract of their purchase, provided that the transaction value does not exceed the above amount. The task of this court to allow any citizen in an accessible way, without running the complex legal machinery to protect their interests. The lawsuit filed in the office of the Small Claims Court of territorial jurisdiction is determined by place of residence or work the respondent, as well as a place of transfer of property or place of detention obligations (eg, signing the contract). Also, a lawsuit can be filed at the place of incident (eg accident) or at the place of transfer of property. Statement of Claim (ktav tviya) can be written on the letterhead, which are in the court office, or may be filed in a separate document. The statement of claim can be printed or handwritten.

The statement of claim filed in triplicate, and the defendants if more than one, then an additional one copy for each defendant. The statement of claim should be accompanied by all documents relied upon by the plaintiff. The plaintiff in the courts for small claims can only be a citizen, not an agency or company. When submitting a claim is paid the court fee of one percent of the amount in dispute, but the amount of fee shall be not less than fifty shekels. One plaintiff can not serve in the same court for more than five claims per year. Having statement of claim, the defendant may, within fifteen days to file an objection to the claim (ktav Agana). Objection filed in triplicate. If the plaintiffs were a few, then added another one copy each.