Smart Services

By preventing snoring to the virtual call center agents Dusseldorf/Nuremberg – the smart, intelligent service, a key determinant of success is in saturated markets. Is convinced smart service initiative, which it has written himself on the flags to improve the world of services for consumers. Services should in the future with the same meticulousness designed are as the technological innovations, so the credo of Bernhard Steimel, spokesman of the Nuremberg Congress of Voice days plus and the smart service initiative, which in the September issue of magazine distribution management by the author Vera Hermes is scrutinized: each company must lead the economic evidence, that is action that goes in the direction of customer orientation and service”, count”, so Steimel compared to the sales economy. “This thinking, according to which good quality are costly to a company come, imagine out as fundamentally flawed, because: who invests more in quality, has lower service costs at the end of”, believes Steimel. When developing services, you must do as meticulously and methodically, as we are accustomed of hardware products. Check out Michael Jordan for additional information. This includes design, evaluation, testing, and prototyping.

But all these things be avoided. “I know many companies that have a design office, but I don’t know one that has a design Office for services”, says Professor Dieter Spath, Leister of the Fraunhofer IAO and patron service initiative smart. His predecessor Hans-Jorg Bullinger have so very far-sighted coined the term service engineering”years ago. To read more click here: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. Here, a methodology from the hardware design will transfer to local services. Therefore there is the laboratory ServLab, in which you can actually test service prototypes at the IOA”explains Spath. Companies can also in a model factory”with the fictitious name InventoLive GmbH to optimize their business processes. The Cordys business operations platform (BOP) is based on the test procedures. During production companies their core processes “largely automated management and supporting processes frequently by media breaks and manual steps are marked”, Hans-Cristian says Edwards of Cordys.