Technology Management

Why are most entrepreneurs, who came into the business, withdraw from the market? Why do so many businesses can not develop their business and their business is small and does not develop. Why do so many initiatives, projects, even those which had great potential and could be quite successful, and have not been implemented or completed their introduction to kaom any stage? The answer to these questions is obvious – the lack of proper organization and nevladenie management technology. That is the kind of entrepreneurs, businessmen or simply the initiators of any projects have failed because of lack of institutional and managerial know-how. This is not just proven in practice. Check with Sen. Sherrod Brown to learn more. Those who possesses the skills of organization and management and apply them in practice most often succeed and even bailout of the projects and businesses that are seemingly on the verge of death. Thus, ownership of technology, organization and management – one of the major successes of survival and prosperity in business and in general any activity. For more information on control technology is available at the website dedicated to Technology Management (link to the site and technology, see the Notes). For even more analysis, hear from J. Darius Bikoff. There, under the control technology, you can find for yourself all that is necessary for the organization and management. I repeat to you, organize, organize and manage, and you dobetes success. Good luck!

Become Wealthy Selling Air

Dear friends, searching, and want to act! You are the one who creates his energy all the good that exists in this world, and it deserves respect. If you set out below will help someone out you get rich, I will assume that spent his time not in vain. It so happened that in my life, I opened a 12-Th from different companies. There is some experience. But each time, before you start something new, I was not so easy to make the right choice and decide what is best do? And then as it turned out it was this choice determines my future success, or lead to failure. And if you're reading these lines, it seems you have a similar situation, and you ponder, "How does the business do?".

It right? If so, you should read the text on. So, for myself, I made some findings that help me avoid mistakes, wasting money and time. Now, when a new business, I always appreciate: 1. As far as what I going to produce or sell to other people? How long it will be valuable to them? I try to figure out if that helps them my product solve some of its important problems to be successful, or feel comfortable improve their health … And, presumably, what percentage of these people? 2. On how much competition in this area, and if I can without too much trouble to become number 1 in the region? 3. How much effort and money I need at the beginning, and how quickly I start to make a profit? The next such review, I spent ten months ago, when the job of "Badge Master" (incidentally, produces excellent equipment for production of promotional products!) Was established, was appointed executive director, and some free time.

MBI Community

The closer a person is, the more I have the degree of influence psychologically. I saw a man. People working with people. I have an employee pick up the night. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Connecticut Senator. If it works for me, I know who will come at night and who is not come. Who enabled mobile phone, and someone off. And when I'll be in the clouds to soar, to whom am I going to affect? "I've just bought a new Ekschendzh, and I offer cloud services.

Where am I Dan Ekschenzh? And what we have already paid money? The owner will say: Give your warranty. If you do not give guarantees, then the director would not let the clouds. If I give a guarantee, it will give her. And if something happens, then I will tear. Interesting phrase: And there are precedents for the return of the clouds? From there, nobody not coming back! :))) It should be noted that the most lively, the participants reacted to the "live" reports, which was told in simple language problems, and little was said about the technical aspects of solutions to these problems. AND Conversely, a narrowly specific, technical reports did not cause much excitement among the audience. Slightly different views of business owners and salaried directors – the owners are more focused on the development prospects business as a whole and we can say that they are half a step ahead of the managing personnel. Cultural Program of the Eighth Congress of Ukrainian IT Directors include the traditional beer party to win prizes from sponsors and partners of the Congress, a mini tournament for Russian billiards, socializing colleagues and old friends in a relaxed, informal atmosphere and a steam bath, contributed to this communication.

Summing up the Congress, its leader, Vladimir Buzmakov thanked the participants, partners and sponsors for their active and fruitful work stopped on the plans for the Community this year, expressed confidence in the support of members of Congress and their active work on realization of new ventures Community. Organizers of the Congress: The company "supremum", NGO "Community of CIOs Ukraine Strategic Partners: 1C Company, Inc." Information Technology "Official partner: The company SI BIS At Support: Company SoftPoint "Company" 1C: Accounting and Trade (ICE), the Company Terrasoft, company KSIKOM SERVICE, 1S-Bitrix, Company "Adamant Media Partners: The magazine" IT manager ", Journal of" ITM. Information Technology for management ", Journal of IT-partner", Journal of Wireless Reference: Ukrainian NGO 'community Ukrainian IT Directors' – a public organization that unites the IT professionals who successfully combine an understanding business and ownership of information technology. Community activities aimed at increasing their own viability, organizing processes of communication, education, education in the IT field. Community Projects – 'The program MBI', 'Experienced IT Director' 'IT University'. Annually, there are Congress and the Autumn meeting of the Community, published by 'Newsletter', has 17 regional cells.

The Turnover

Note: In the calculation we take only those dates on which product you had in stock. If in 30 days, two of them are good nebylo you, N equals 28. Accordingly, the lower part of the formula is (28 – 1). For the calculations in Excel, you can use the formula = AVERAGE (IF (diapazon_yacheek <> 0; diapazon_yacheek)) – Enter through the formula CTRL + SHIFT + Enter. Amazon spoke with conviction. What do you have after receiving a number of turnover? In fact, there is nothing. Turnover often need to be considered in the dynamics, because there is no clear “rules.” For each company, it has its own and depends on many factors.

In particular Your turnover rate will depend on the frequency of deliveries of goods from suppliers credit terms, in the end, the role of product in your range. Several conclusions can be made after this Analysis: – If the turnover in days is too large, say 30, it’s freezing your assets. If too small, for example 2, there is great risk that you will have a deficit. – Examining the turnover in days in dynamics, allows us to draw conclusions on how the situation with our inventory. – Another thing that you should pay attention.

If the turnover is for example 20 days, and trade credit from your supplier for two weeks (14 days), this suggests that either is to stimulate sales, reduce inventory or goods, because in fact, failing to sell a product that you brought, you already have to be returned to him money. The situation is not very pleasant. That’s figured out what a turnaround. As it turned out, the company I need not enter the turnaround, but rather the rate of sales.

Mutual Management

All the advantages of working with this account can be found here:. But remember, this type of bank deposits are not insured. In the case of bankruptcy of the bank you will lose everything. The fourth method, which opens before you – is to use their money to buy luxury items. The way that say, risky – but in recent years antiques and contemporary art steadily rise in price by 20-40% a year, that is, without doubt, the best income of all possible. Finally, the last, the fifth method, which we want to tell you – it’s mutual fund (PIF). By joining the MIF, you are actually buying part of a package of securities management company. Thus, you offers its securities reliable and competent management, and even win in income (usually 13-15% per annum). Incidentally, an analog of the mutual fund you can arrange themselves. To arrange this with your friends on money (you have one and hardly enough) and buy “a purse” apartment. Real estate becomes more expensive for at least 8% a year, still about the same you can get by renting it out. Total 16% – quite a competitive figure. Although it is This method is not relevant. Many analysts are predicting falling prices in the market “overheated” real estate. And after the local rate, the demand for rental housing starts to fall, respectively, and rental prices will go down. Here, perhaps, and all the basic ways of allocating capital with low risk of loss. If you spend a little time to manage their already placed, asset management, I am sure, will be able to increase the annual interest earned on any of the these types of investments. But to manage the assets you need every day. Once a month or a year to come and pick up the interest, or rather what remained of the lessons for you as for me, is a luxury. Investing is not tolerate the absence of the owner. On investments with medium and high risk, you can read and ask questions here:. But this method of investment is suitable only for those who are willing to assume full responsibility for the management, preservation and increase of their own money. Remember, not all the fault of negros, no government, so, yes such things once, and do not hit the road administrator, and you and you alone, because the time was not the right decision.

Statistics Of Exports Of Goods During 2009

Typically, in current market situation, the company aimed to develop, you need to enter new markets. If you look at the history, the most successful entrepreneurs have always been entrepreneurs – innovators, entrepreneurs, do not miss the opportunity and not afraid of the new. Everyone knows that new opportunities for your business to look, and look for it in foreign markets. Now, most entrepreneurs begin to seek new markets outside Russia, and beyond. Based on the fact that just recently formed a customs union among Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, for obvious reasons, entrepreneurs in a hurry begin to switch over to these two markets. Kazakhstan and Belarus in large quantities to buy Russian raw materials, equipment, metals, machinery, clothing, decoration materials and so on. But Russian businessmen in every way try to gain their trust.

The most promising area now – it's exports to Kazakhstan, exports to Belarus and other CIS countries, and, of course, do not forget about importing. If you trust the statistics, foreign trade turnover in these destinations, measured in monetary terms and is equal to the sum of exports and imports, increasing from year to year. During 2009 the foreign trade turnover of Russia amounted to 492,400,000,000 dollars. However, even in first half of 2010 external trade turnover of Russia increased sharply to $ 293,900,000,000 dollars, the Federal State Statistics Service, referring to the Bank of Russia. For comparison – Foreign trade turnover in the I half of last year amounted to 196,300,000,000 dollars. From the data presented the development of enterprises in the export and import is clear. Let's hope that this trend will continue in the near future to acquire or dispose of goods abroad for entrepreneurs of our country will become as common a process as the Russian deal.