Why suddenly "exploded" self-interest, why do people have to use each other, instead of the communal life which was with them in Mesopotamia? It is programmed growth of man. Only in this way, rising over the growing selfishness in him, humankind comes to the love of interdependence and integration that exists in nature. RI: So why all the rest – still, vegetative, and living things – created by the Creator without the condition of development? ML: Man – this is the last stage of development: inanimate, vegetative, animal and man. And the man does not differ their animal state, namely the fact that "man" in it, his "I" is gradually developing. We see that the animal, as in life, and from generation to generation does not develop.

Only in man, in this special creation of nature, the ego develops from generation to generation, and in life. A small child about an adult – it's a huge difference in development. RI: But why man? ML: That's because it laid back and an additional goal – to become equal to the highest power of nature. Call it the Creator, or just nature – it does not matter. Man must reach the level at which is nature itself that is at the level of eternity and perfection. RI: Tell me, please, from this number – 600 thousand people? ML: In nature, there is a system that controls our world. It's called "Arich Anpin" (Long face).

By the way, all the terms in Kabbalah in Aramaic – the spoken language of ancient Babylon. This system works so that once there is 600 thousand people who can connect with each other as they did in the same ancient Babylon to the burst of egoism, then mankind will find peace … That is enough of a critical mass of today's humanity, so that through him was a wave of energy created in our society the same harmony, as in all universe.