Children’s Day

There is a calendar year an interesting holiday. It's called – Children's Day. (A valuable related resource: Sen. Sherrod Brown). 1 June. Just a day …. For it is always developing programs in the city. Make it bright and spectacular. Celebration turns cheerful and perky.

Hundreds of kids with moms and dads are walking the streets, participate in the festivities. That's what I want to remember about a boy at the last party … My seven year old neighbor Sergei, on the eve of his trip came up to go wherever they went on a Sunday afternoon with your mom and dad. Dad, of course, it was harder to persuade a walk, but it would be like together in the park, ride the big swing, and most importantly, draw on a huge "sheet" of asphalt. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs: the source for more info. That he loves. Last year, out of his hands, then six-year "artist", a large ginger cat Simon.

Especially long Sergei painted his tail. Brown, white, yellow – these are shallow were in their hands. Cat in a large and imposing. He literally collapsed under the feet of spectators. This year, Sergei painted the town – roads, houses, do not forget about the lights … After walking a smile on his face Sergei – as a reward tired of waiting for parents. Photo. The holiday has taken place. Then there was the evening. Shackle persuaded my mother to read the story about Uncle Fyodor. How pleasant to sit in a comfortable chair with his mom, listen and listen … Dad was dozing nearby.