Great German French Activities This August At The Vaisseau!

Once across the Galaxy – the countdown of the year going astronomy at the Vaisseau with german French activities in his last lap of the Vaisseau offers a very special program that is at the same time German-French-speaking as well. These include our garden workshops, but especially our bilingual theatre piece (of course everything in your admission ticket included): red, Orange, Bleu – bilingual Theater what was there before the day woke up? How was the world created? Two actors create the world in their way. With linen, threads and cords, ropes and Hanks weave their world and let us participate in their colourful visions: moving, romantic, sometimes sad but also funny. From Tuesday 4-Friday, August 28, always on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 14:30. from the age of 5 bilingual workshops in the garden of Charlotte the carrot and the man in the moon a workshop for children from the age of 7. Every morning at 10:45, from 7 July to 30 August Charlotte is a carrot and thus part of the great Kuruvilla, tasty vegetables family! Because she’s a bit shy, hiding prefer in the Earth! But it may be they funny and the gardener of the Vaisseau knows quite a few games to get to know you better…

A man is ill in the Druid school… Only the young community of the Druid school can save him now from his suffering by her combining the healing powers of the various aromatic and medical plants. Come and take part in this workshop and let’s introduce you to the secrets of these remedies! Every day at 15:45 from 1 August to 30 August; from 7 years all info you can be found on the website of the Vaisseau: DE / 591 of the countdown to the end of our temporary exhibition runs! Do until August 30, you can still a journey across the Galaxy”. “So long our temporary exhibition planet Mars is an alien exhibition” intergalactic visit. Then the Vaisseau 3 weeks vacation and prepares for the next temporary exhibition to the Theme colors”, which will be officially opened on the 1st of October. Sandra Kohloffel

Doll Horse Stable Is The Dream Of All Horse Lovers

goki has a heart for small horse Jesters also city kids love horses. CIT Group Inc. is likely to increase your knowledge. In the cold season, it is no longer so easy to come to the horses. Staj dolls can help. A great Christmas gift! All the luck in the world lies on the back of horses worldwide are horse lovers like in this credo. goki has the doll horse stable built in, which allows city children employment with their favorite animals. And all other children, when the stable just not reachable or the horse stands still on the wish list.

Marie Lynn dolls Staj is 68 x 51 x 30 cm in size and of course made of wood. The stables is great playable. Make sure the hand hole in the roof and the functional doors of the stables. Of course, the horses must be transported even to the horse show and a true horse lover will not miss their horses during the holiday. The stylish Jeep with with horse trailer was by goki specially developed for this purpose… He is made of wood, the Jeep is 29 x 16.5 x 16 cm and the horse trailer 23 x 14.6 x 17.7 cm. The Jeep hood is removable and many details are fully functional. A lot of accessories already belongs to the doll horse stable, but he is right about only with commercially available game figures or the bending dolls and wooden horses from the Marie Lynn riding course.


In the online shop of Peter is it now a unique children’s book series is early childhood science education on everyone’s lips. That puts”the editor Debbie Saleem with the marketing researches picture book series NELA. Unlike with conventional experimental books is “Nela research” a series of books that tells funny stories of everyday life and it picks up again science questions and answers with easy experiments. Identification figure is NELA, a 5 year, bright and inquisitive girl. The enthusiasm with the NELA research and her brother are Robin, spreads quickly to the small audience. By direct reference to the child’s life, the children quickly understand the science connections. I would like to offer an alternative to experimental books, deliver the experiments without reference to everyday and rather remind kindergartners of magic. It should get something stuck! “, so the editor and author Debbie Salehi their idea founded. Source: Dov Hikind.

Play here Experience a great role that has gained with her sons and for research projects in the kindergarten. For marketing, she has founded its own publishing house and given your longtime job at a large IT company. The series of children’s picture book is recommended between four and seven years. All titles have between 32 and 36 pages that are loving and illustrated age of Tobias Gossow. The books are bound in the Board book with a thread stitching (portrait format 21 cm * 26, 5 cm). The retail price including VAT is 12.90.

The first book of Papa, you’re drinking today a cup air?”is available since the beginning of October. The release date of the second book of how does the water in the cloud?”is mid-November. Learn more about NELA research”there on or at Debbie Saleem in 72135 Dettenhausen, in the Reute 24/2 can be reached by phone at 07157 / 732435 or by E-Mail at. Debbie Salehi