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6-km zone dives offers visitors the opportunity to meet a variety of local fauna, and the top diving is swimming through the tunnels in coral walls. Adjacent to the sunken ancient ships you can see the tarpon, parrot fish, tarpon, barracuda, lobster and even a large turtle. International Diving Center 'El Colony' has specialized medical center and a hyperbaric chamber, which can serve several people at once. The Centre is able to accommodate travelers in a cozy hotel. El Colony is located 42 km from the city of Nueva Gerona, the center province, which also has a hyperbaric chamber. Nueva Gerona, in turn, is located 200 kilometers from Havana, where it is most convenient to reach the island by plane Adolescence.

Maria la Gorda (39 points) This remote enclave on a peninsula Guanahacabibes, announced the world's biological reserve, is inextricably linked with the history of piracy. Numerous antique ship anchors and cannons on the bottom in the area generally. Immersion depth here – 14 meters. Galore black corals are found here. More than 15 species of corals inhabited by fish, accustomed to the appearance of a person here. Among them: barracuda, various kinds of snappers, a Cuban sea bream, sea lawyer, and others.

Sponges, large walls with caves, vibrant underwater fauna and are a natural attraction of this international center for scuba diving 'Maria la Gorda', have their own capacity to accommodate tourists. Located in 304 kilometers from Havana in the western province of Pinar del Rio. Cayo Levisa (15 points) This island of the archipelago of Los Colorados is located in the northwest of Cuba. Its coral beaches and the ocean floor is not comparable to anything else. The island is surrounded by massive coral education, human algae, jellyfish, fish, parrots, black bream, pristipomoy and other fish species. Sea Wolf, the Cuban crucian carp, and various crustaceans (including – lobsters) are found here very often. One of the the best dive sites here – La Corona de San Carlos. Cayo Levisa is located just minutes from Palma Rubia – a starting point for this tour, and just 146 km from Havana. Diving Center – 'Diving World'. Marea del Portillo This coastal region of the province of Granma has practically the same characteristics as the band dives Santiago de Cuba, and could even be called a continuation of Santiago. There is a sunken galleon with 36 guns, there are well-preserved ship of Admiral Server 'Cristobal Colon'. Towards Cabo Cruz, in south-western tip of the province, there are magnificent underwater landscapes with coral reefs, jellyfish, and various fish. Can all be enjoyed thanks to a diving center 'Albacora'.

Tel Aviv Yarkon Park

In the modern state of Israel Tel Aviv is the first Jewish city. Founded Tel Aviv was in the distant 1909 and was in a suburban area of Jaffa. In 1914, there lived two thousand people, even after fifteen years Tel Aviv is Israel's capital. As for today, now Tel Aviv is a major metropolis with a population of over one million people. This is a modern city of skyscrapers, offices foreign governments and firms, the central offices of the largest banks and companies. Historical attractions here are a few, since the history of the city has only one hundred years. Nevertheless, in Tel Aviv is on what look. Special attention and deserves respect for Independence Palace.

Here in 1948 was proclaimed the state of Israel. List and other interesting places in the city, which is also desirable to visit if you come vacation in Israel, you've decided to spend here: Skyscraper 'Azriel Center', National Theatre of Israel 'Gadima', shopping and entertainment and cultural complex 'Tower Opera' ('Opera Tower') on the waterfront, the museum of Beit ha-Hatefutsoth ( diaspora, 1978 city) in Tel-Aviv University, the Museum of Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel, 1953) with an extensive collection of objects of different cultures and history library, art gallery Bruno Gelleri, as well as the house-museum of the poet Nahman Bialik, and David Ben-Gurion. As you can see and visit in Israel is that. Tel Aviv, as we have said, the center of business activity and nightlife, is the center of the Israeli industry, international trade, culture, Israel, entertainment. Where do you go – whether it's contemporary pamphlets or small alleys of the old southern neighborhoods – everywhere you can find cozy cafes or respectable restaurants, supermarkets and small souvenir shops, pubs, markets, markets, and much more. Activity on the local street quiets down except at dawn. If you're a fan of nightlife, you will be interested in such facilities in Tel Aviv as a night club "Docks", a Russian club "Blin" Youth Bar "Buzz Stop" restaurant "Caucasus".

As you already understood, no one institution in Tel Aviv, and Israel in general, focused on the Russian public. Also worth a visit Tel Aviv Yarkon Park. Here you will find a botanical garden, and also practically Japanese rock garden, bird park Tsapari. One of the best in Asia and is considered a local zoo. One of the best in Asia and is considered a local zoo. Tel Aviv yacht clubs ('Marina') – one of the most convenient for Mediterranean, the water park 'Meymadon' has every conceivable type of water rides and a children's playground, and extensive urban beaches are equipped with naisovremenneyshimi recreation and entertainment. In the yacht club in Tel Aviv can be rent equipment for windsurfing, scuba diving or any other active leisure. Plenty of sports facilities are concentrated along the boulevard Rokach. So it'll be in Israel, buy a ticket to Tel Aviv and visit this interesting city.