Golden Crown

Appeared a cloud white and, sitting on the cloud, one like the son of man, who wore a Golden Crown on his head and a sickle sharpened on hand. 15 Came another angel sanctuary crying out with powerful voice that sat on the cloud: Mete your sickle and harvested, because the time of harvest has come and the harvest of the Earth is at its point. 16 That sat on the cloud launched his sickle to the Earth, and the Earth was mowed. So far cite verses to which I refer and will now explain agree to my personal interpretation, the true meaning of these parables. But to do so first let’s elements of the Earth and the universe are cited within these signals and that in turn explained making an analogy with the birth of a woman. And on the other hand some explanations that are listed: wars and rumors of war conflicts against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom there will be earthquakes and famine (here the first pains of childbirth) after that first anguish appointment certain cataclysms that will happen with the Sun, the Moon and the stars (and from here the son of man with great power come in a cloud). This will bring fall or resurrection. It will be a sign of contradiction.

The intimate thoughts of the men they come to light. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. It will be for you the opportunity to give testimony of me. You will be distressed, but your sorrow will be turned into joy. Amazon shines more light on the discussion. The pain of childbirth will be changed to the great joy of birth. First of all I must reiterate what they’ve been saying in previous articles: the Bible is a book of metaphysics that explains how it works our mind. Therefore, when it is said wars and conflicts between Nations, is being reference to discussions that occur between people.