The Treatment Psychological After A Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss is not an easy task. Even if you decide to resort to bariatric surgery, you should go a long way until you reach your ideal weight and you must fight against some enemies. The negative thoughts that we have been incorporating from childhood to adulthood are major obstacles that we will face. Some surgeries such as gastric bypass and Lap Band reduces the volume of the stomach and cause changes in hormones that regulate appetite and satiety, others such as the gastric balloon occupy much of the stomach limiting their capacity and providing satiety. All they help control appetite, forcing him to eat less. But even so, some negative thoughts may appear automatically and lead to erroneous decisions.

You should be attentive and learn to control them. For years we’ve been apprehensive feelings and thoughts that do not change suddenly. Therefore it can happen that a problematic situation, an undesirable feeling, a conflict or a fight, you invoked, without even noticing, to use food to comfort you. When you realize you have made a mistake you can that you’ve already devoured that forbidden dish or is indigestado by an excess of food. When the episode ends, the person feels guilty and anxious, believes that it spoiled everything, and doesn’t understand why they lose control in this way.

Generally when this happens do not relate with the will but that have not yet changed certain negative habits and brain continues to act as it did regularly. An order is sends at high speed, without the person being aware of it. When it reacts, may already be purchased or eaten foods that cannot or should not eat. If you want to avoid that these ideas and unpleasant actions reach of you must recognize what the conflicting thoughts and situations in which the tension or anger lead him to break the rules. Once you have found these weak points, you must make plans to combat them effectively. There will always be time eating everything What we like, those aren’t excuses to divert us from our goal. If assumes your treatment in a positive way, thinking about everything that will win with him and think thoroughly everytime some craving urges it to abandon it, you don’t have that fall into these wells. You can cope with your will and the help of their doctors. Greetings, Dr.

Ayahuasca Plant

The shamans say that ayahuasca speaks in a symbolic language, it is a sacred plant teacher and mother of the mystical Amazon world. That those who ingest it see what hurts and what they need to evolve. Why they consider that the plant is wise. Ayahuasca has an important value and meaning, the essence of the drink Ayahuasca, is a true source of knowledge and a half to develop human consciousness, an extraordinary capacity to allow access to infinite levels of consciousness.In this sense, Ayahuasca is equivalent to God, in the broad, deep sense of the concept. The fundamental spiritual nourishment that frees us and amplify consciousness, is for auto – is dealt with or consult with the inner teacher, above all dogma or cultural parameter. It is the key to develop the personal self-knowledge (biological, fisiologico-anatomico and psychological, espiritual-trascendental). It is the cultivation of knowledge inspired by our ecstatic with master plant Ayahuasca delusions.

Ayahuasca makes us understand the fundamental principle of our dynamics and interrelationship with nature; plants, not we only feed materially, but also and above all we eat spiritually. Ayahuasca wakes up in humans, the impulse to the well-being and the pursuit of health. It’s like plant that teaches, for divination, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in ceremonial contexts. Ayahuasca causes States of healing, mystical and visionary character. When one drinks Ayahuasca, he enters a dimension of consciousness, where the referents space storms, which we are daily used, changed radically, to a State of consciousness, which is very easy to remember our past and our present us is transparent. It’s like plant that teaches, for divination, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in ceremonial contexts.Ayahuasca causes States of healing, mystical and visionary character.