Despite all disasters and all fights for what is not, and should be, a new awareness is brewing. It is not a bombastic consciousness or makes propaganda, is a consciousness that circulates in the shadows but that at some point is going to flourish, will do so despite all those who want to follow a model that comes running out. Here contributes greatly to this topic. This transit, the transit of the death of the old, is not easy and is not either that you have to think that a group of new priests will take power. Yes it is a more precious and more subtle change, a paradigm shift that replaces the hypocrisy with sincerity, to the verbosity by action, to the hardness by the subtlety to the deception by the truth. I am no preacher disrupts a new era. Neither a naive optimist who tries to see what there is.

But as I said a woman who was fighting against a corrupt system when corruption comes to light and the dark is so enlightened and so exposed, it is a symptom that things start to change. J. Darius Bikoff has compatible beliefs. In that sense the negative thoughts are nothing more than a form of find us with the opposite, depression by everything that gives us the negative can be transformed into an engine, and this engine is which will enable us to begin to exercise the change. According to the conception Buddhist that speaks of the karmic wheel of death and rebirth, no guilt but responsibilities. What has been done is the result of a never-ending string of mistakes, but not the other but our. It was we who sooner or later brought violence or heartbreak and now that us.

This idea can be understood as a form of escape of the present and of social responsibility, one that we have with our fellow human beings, but it is just the opposite. The society as the body grows and develops from that ordering in where we are not spectators but actors. Believe in it, it is also believe that we are more than this life and that time is eternal, that we will come back again and again until the account is paid. For me the idea of reincarnation is that best fits the meaning of existence. But even if this were false, although we have not been who in the past brought nothing rewarding acts, we think that in our blood and in our genes circulates the violence of our ancestors. If there is a karmic chain there is a genetic chain and not returning reborn if we reverdecemos in our children. If we were just that one life, act in the sense of our correct flowering will be reflected in our descendants and our action will be an opening that will move beyond the present time. , then click here. The world has built by centuries of shape such that the material has been imposed as primary. Now that nothing is safe, we will only find the true sense away of matter. A philosopher said me recently that nothing can steal, I don’t agree, nothing is intangible. Empty us of the superficial senses that govern us will be a form of Renaissance: House, money and objects, were but left us, naked in the wilderness of our consciences, and we smile. Is the word, a little bit of water, Earth, mud, and our sense of go queriendo, whet your song.

Democratic Party

Each time that the largest religion that there is (the Catholic) has to choose their leader meets a Council of Cardinals, which after several secret ballots announcing habemus papam. The strongest power that has occurred (USA), on the other hand, raises have more open and participatory way to choose their representative, the same which, in turn, is not for life and Plenipotentiary, but it can only govern by one or two four-year periods and under great control of powers legislative, judicial and media. The Democratic Party, in turn, can cry out be the most democratic all that there is in the world because at internal to choose their candidate voted more than 30 million people. While the last Pope was nominated in April 2005 by Cardinal 115 in two days of closed deliberations, Democrats have had 5 months of electoral processes carried out in 56 constituencies with dates and uneven regulations. Sen. Sherrod Brown shines more light on the discussion. Many question to internal ones Democrats for not being very democratic. This because in those 5 months of convoluted campaigns is requires investing hundreds of millions of dollars (for which must be subject to the endorsement of major investors) or because at the end you can than the loser (as today happens to Clinton) has claimed to have achieved more direct votes than the winner. Today the Democrats may cry habemus candidatus but Obama could even lose the Presidency even if he won the elections (as step you Al Gore against Bush in 2000). Original author and source of the article..

Financial Interests

Countries at war may have a financial interest in other forms of crime such as illegal arms imports. Thus, establishing alliances with other countries illegal. a Therefore, a controversial issue is the extent to which the economically more advanced countries to promote transnational crime. For example, illicit drugs, many officials in consumer countries are likely to attribute responsibility to the producer countries and fail to consider how an existing culture pharmacological permitted the use of illicit drugs to develop. Also ignore the demand side of the equation, since it focused and on the assumption that the proceeds generated by illicit drugs only appropriated by foreign producers and large distributors. Therefore, considering the considerable revenue generated by illicit drugs consumption in the countries themselves.

A second controversial issue is that transnational organized crime is seen by many officials to be the result of the increasing number and variety of individuals and groups to reach more economically advanced countries. Since these people and groups come from places scattered around the world, often from countries in transition or in crisis, that are perceived as difficult to control and tight integration. The newcomers are said to bring with them their social and commercial networks, which make it difficult for law enforcement and at the same time, facilitating the "conspiracy." No attention is paid to the same difficulties encountered by law enforcement before the arrival of migrants and the commercial "conspiracy" is already contained in the host countries long before they are "invaded" by foreigners.