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But even these numbers do not inspire optimism. It turns out that only every fourth inhabitant of the country expects to work in the specialty, whereas the vast majority of it is not even hoped for. Such a situation "provoked" modern education system. According to the Federal Agency for Education, today universities cover the need for specialists with higher education nearly doubled, while the demand for skilled workers only 13%. As a result, one graduate primary or secondary vocational education there are two high school graduates. At the same disparities exist within the schools themselves. Thus, according to data provided by 28 universities Novgorod, the most widespread in recent years are such specialties as law, management of the organization, economics and enterprise management and so on. On these specialties, which constitute only 4.59% of total demand professions, 50.12% of the students enrolled.

Ie half of the "flow" of applicants have less than 5% of the popular specialties. "And it is impossible in this case to say that competent lawyers and economists have come to the interview, "packs". Unfortunately, a diploma is not proof of the quality of knowledge – says Anna , head of recruiting personnel center "UNITY" one of the recognized leaders in the recruiting market. – Trust uses only education received in public universities with a long history. " In the 90's is on the market liberal education diplomas are often issued by the principle of "assembly line", whereas in the "exact science" in general continued to work the classic college. As a result, according to the Institute of Sociology, specialization often works the young people who received higher technical or science education. This problem, of course, is a nationwide character. "Employment of graduates – one of the most important factors in evaluating the effectiveness of the education system – Samson says sociologist Balanovsky.

– When the government first invests in training and then are forced to spend more money on their re-training and content as the unemployed, neither of which efficiency is not can be no question. " In order for the special work most of the graduates who needs not only constant monitoring of the personnel market, control over the universities, but also work with the people themselves. In Western schools for many years for children aged 5 to 14 years, there are courses for career development. In the framework of their students receive detailed information about different occupations, are psychological testing. Thus, it is possible make a choice consciously. Only rebuilding the education system as a whole, can be hoped that graduate almost from the first days will start to work, not retrained. And this is one of the guarantees of productivity growth Labour, which many said recently. " In the meantime, a word about "aimlessly time spent, unfortunately, are almost the majority of the population of Russia, forced to work not on the profile.

Case Work

Chtoby be a winner, look for the benefit of anytime, anywhere for example, pay attention to what goods this month, you offer a discount, so you can save not a bad amount of money. 6. imagine that a crisis is your chance to change lives for the better, if you are left without work, realistically assess their chances, try to improve their skills or learn a new activity in which you would be interested to work, it’s a great opportunity. 7.Vo during hard financial problems every month buy or even update your wardrobe, so turn the imagination and become a designer of his clothing, where at the lowest cost you will be a lot of new clothes and interesting experience. 8.Benzin – it is an expensive luxury, and therefore a very good way to save, I suggest not stand half – of the day in traffic inhaling fumes, and change seats on public transport, just imagine how many books you have time to read or listen to new album favorite band or even just take a nap, while not sacrificing their time. 9.B currently very popular lunch and dinner in restaurants, once again popular, but not helpful for you and for your wallet. On average, one campaign, such as sushi for two people the average check is up from 2000 rubles, without a limb, it all depends on your appetite. Imagine now that for 2000 rubles a family of three people can eat a week, far more useful and nutritious food.

So maybe we will take care of their welfare in general? and more often to eat at home the whole family. 10.Rabota – this man’s work, for which he receives financial compensation, someone is physically, someone intelligent or creativity. In order to achieve success in their work, the case that you do should interest you, sometimes we forget that the work should work and the crisis is exactly the time when it is necessary to actively promote their ideas, suggestions, look for clients, just as in the first place you’ll be able to help themselves. Each individual person, so he decides what to do during a crisis, be silent listener who quietly waiting on the sidelines or the master of its destiny, which only plays the main role. In any case, the crisis is over, and as usual after every recession, there will rise. Only whether to postpone the time for later? Take matters into your own hands and soon we will hear about you.

Coworking – The New Trend Of Social Activity

When you think about the business that you first come to mind? That's right – the competition! But is it always people who have their own business trying to survive in these harsh economic conditions? Under an hour, some are beginning to help each another, looking for any possible interaction points of contact. An example of such a successful symbiosis can be a phenomenon of "coworking." In the Russian market a completely new phenomenon that came from the West. What is "coworking"? Freelancers, or individual businessmen together and pool their savings to pay for rent, and in which all work together. In English the word Co-working is translated – "working together". For more effective of freelancers, usually engaged in some one thing. That is, creating such a community, they seek to mutual assistance and cooperation. The joint office is a fairly large room with kitchen, one or more of negotiation and are equipped with necessary office infrastructure – from Wi-Fi-Internet to printers and scanners (furniture – by itself) – to serve all the "guests".

As Russian coworking offices only take a phase of active action, often this distinctive experience results in a complete lack of responsibility – no one really meet any of the cleaning, not for protection, the fee is paid irregularly, problems arise. Quite a different look to provide some of the business centers of jobs in the lease. Here is the center itself is responsible for ensuring that the employee has been provided with all necessary office equipment from ending cleaning. Bring your clients or partners in this office is profitable – they immediately see that the man is irrelevant serezno.Mnogie aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers often do not have the ability to shoot own office, so that such service is an ideal outlet for start-up. Office rental is often unnecessary and a waste of money and work at home some time relaxing and not conducive to work. Since coworking offices and Lessors of jobs to help small and medium businesses in starting and further development, it is safe to talk about the social direction of such projects. It is possible that savings in the initial phase will bring in the world of big business rather strong and got stronger players.

United Kingdom

In addition to limiting the number of skilled workers entering the country from outside Europe, the Home Office also tightens entry requirements in the movement within the company (not affected by this restriction) and cancels the possibility of participation of highly qualified professionals in a Tier 1 program, based on the scoring system for all persons, except for entrepreneurs, investors and individuals with exceptional talent. The introduction of annual limits have been initiated coalition government. They will enable Britain to remain competitive in the global labor market and will guarantee that the migratory workers not take the place of those who seek work in the United Kingdom. To control the numbers entering the government take the following measures: Limits the period of 1 year, the number entering the country program skilled and highly qualified specialists to 21,700 people – 20,700 for entering the program Tier 2 (General), and 1000 for those with exceptional talent. Increases the requirements for the minimum income level for visitors to Tier 2 program (within the movement within the company) for a period exceeding 12 months, up to 40000 pounds. Restricts the visa of Tier 1 for all persons, other than entrepreneurs, investors and individuals with exceptional talent. Introduces requirement for persons entering on a visa Tier 2 (General), work strictly on a specialty. Decision on Amendments to the Tier 1 program was adopted by the Government after it was reported that almost 1 / 3 of the guests on this program arranged for low-skilled jobs immediately upon arrival in the country.