Specialized Music

New band of the ‘library media business’ appeared which claims are reasonable compared to a label? What must artists and organizers agree contractually? What should you look for in a management contract? -Legal issues like this are unclear, they complicate the collaboration of musicians, broadcasters, agencies, publishers and record labels. Dr. Ralf Kitzberger, lawyer and speaker of the ebam Academy, demonstrates in his new book of music law”the basis for legal transactions in the music industry. Early January is the fourth novel of the media business library”in cooperation between the ebam Academy and the music market, publishing house appeared. Introducing Dr. Kamel clarifies legal basics such as contract law for musicians, copyright law and trademark law.

In the next chapter of music groups and law”, he explains the relevant musicians society form of the GbR and fundamental elements of the Treaty. Also contracts in the live business such as artist agencies, agencies, tour directorates, managers as well as concert and tour organizers lit the new ebam media business library “band in detail. Dedicated to an extensive chapter is the theme Kunstlerexklusiv-and tape transfer agreement”. In addition, the book treats the contracts with music publishers. The essential areas of collecting societies”and artists social welfare fund” close it.

“According to the ebam motto from practice for practice” Kitz Bergers book provides current industry knowledge vividly and didactically prepared: check lists and control round off the practical manual. You should help the reader to recognize problem areas themselves and to organise appropriate solutions. To order the book on. The author, Dr. Ralf Kitzberger, music business manager is longtime lecturer at the courses /-in (ebam) “,”Event Manager/.in (ebam)”, as well as culture Manager /-in (ebam)” at the ebam Academy and enriched the ebam book series already for the second time. As a lawyer, he is on the right of the music, Specialized events and film industry. His expert knowledge propagates Dr. Kamel Baden-Wurttemberg as a lecturer at the Film Academy. “” In addition to the latest edition of music law”, the volumes of music label supply principles, structures and tasks of record company” by Tom Buscher, “The music publisher – an introduction” by Jorg Fukking and event law “library media business ebam by Dr. Ralf Kamau in a part of the series of” a clear parent – and insight into specialist areas of the event, music, media and culture industry.

Angolan Tobacco

This loss of one? felt of itself? steady it is called, some times, of displacement or descentrao of the citizen. This double displacement-descentrao of the individuals in such a way of its place in same the social and cultural world how much of itself? it constitutes a crisis of identity for the individual. In the reality all the personages of the romance pass for this process? identity crisis. This if evidences at the moment where they look for the salesman of last so that the same ' ' venda' ' an identity mediated for the capable memory of providing a calmer and privileged life to them, representing the ideology that predominates in the Angolan society. The workmanship also points with respect to the memory of Flix in the intitled chapter ' ' Rain on infncia' ' (AGUALUSA, 2006, P. 94-95) when the same it describes scenes of its infancy: Taste to hear. Flix speaks of its infancy as if it had lived really it.

It closes the eyes. It smiles: It close the eyes and I come back to see the grasshoppers to fall of the sky. Quissondes, warlike ants, you know? , quissondes went down of the night, some door of the night with access to the hell, and was multiplied, to the thousands, the millions, the measure we killed that them. I remember awaking to tossir, to tossir very, to tossir suffocated, the eyes to arder, in way to the tobacco of the battle. Fasto Bendito, my father, in pyjamas, carapinha Russian all dishevelled, the threaded naked feet inside of a water basin, to fight that sea of ants with a DDT bomb. Fausto to cry out instructions for the servant among smoke. I laugh in a child amazement. Adormecia, dreamed of quissondes, and when they woke up continue there, in way to the tobacco, to that Acre tobacco of small trituradoras machines, with its blind fury and an ancestral hunger.

Legitimate Salvador Helena

The face of a brown peach had same the imperceptible fuzz of the fruit of that it took off cor.’ ‘ ; (pag.14) Estcio carries out the romance to the side of Helena and presumption brother of Helena; ‘ ‘ it had 27 years and he was formed in mathematics. The council member tries encarreira it in the politics, later in the diplomacy; but none of these projects had had start of execuo.’ ‘ (pag.7) the SECONDARY PERSONAGES ARE: rsula owner, sister of the Advising deceased; Dr.Camargo, doctor of the family, father of Eugnia and friend of the Council member; Eugnia, son of Dr. Camargo and gotten passionate by Estcio; Melchior priest was friend of the Council member and insider of the family; Advising Valley adoptive father of Helena (Which it leaves the inheritance); Mendona, Friend of Estcio; ngela, Mother of Helena; Legitimate Salvador father of Helena. The narrator is absent of history and the space is in Rio De Janeiro, in a small farm in the city of Andara. The author describes the workmanship with many details, for example: when it treats to describe each personage and its facts. The duration of the romance is little more than one year. the psychological time if remains the life all, therefore in elapsing of history the life of Helena goes since the union of its parents, its birth, infancy, its arrival the Andara, its loving disillusion and finally until the moment of its death. In this romance, the reader finds a pretty young woman, decorated for the innocence, in an surrounding bourgeois of its time.

Beautiful mysterious, Helena enchants to all, awakes the love of Estcio. The probability of the Helena workmanship, the heroine if makes to pass for sister of Estcio, in order to receive party to inheritante; but it is gotten passionate for the false brother and is corresponded; in the end, debtor to confess its lie, not to pass for an adventurer, leaves itself to die. From literary Analise I understand that not to be enough to only read, we have that to know to analyze in objective way, interpreting and observing what the author describes in its romance and what portraies. In the Helena workmanship the reader, finds a pretty young woman, mysterious beautiful and, and that he enchants to all, despertando good and strong feelings in Estcio, tormenting the life of this illing-inform. Simple, loaded tram of sentimentalismos.