Treatment Of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD / Ocd )

We are ready to conduct a survey and if you need something we will your treatment. Our experts will help you and your family to recognize and treat disease. We specialize in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD / OCD) in traditional and not traditional methods. The main cause of obsessive-compulsive disorder – a biological predisposition, which is expressed in a different structure of the healthy human brain. In addition, many character traits as well contribute to the development of obsessive compulsive disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder affects as a rule, people sensitive, delicate, demanding to themselves and to others who want to perfection and order. And it's mostly intellectuals.

Treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder may as medication and drug-free. In Russia today, are preferred. However, the preferred method is namely non-pharmacological treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder with no side effects and not addictive .* How is the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder in absentia? * 1. First of all, we will provide on-line training benefits, the writing center professionals 'No Fear' and based on the most advanced western techniques. These tutorials will give you a complete and accurate understanding of your obsessive-compulsive disorder and drug-free methods of eliminating it. 2. Immediately after the recording of the course, you will be attached to a personal psychologist, who will accompany your treatment process for 30 dney.Vy be able to ask questions and get answers and support to all treatment period. 3.

Because obsessive-compulsive disorder has many forms, you will be sent questionnaires on the basis of which we get a clear picture is your chance. Further treatment program will be based precisely on the results of these questionnaires. 4. With the help of tutorials, you learn techniques of exposure therapy, which will begin to execute immediately after learning the theoretical part. You will not be easy, but our psychologists will support you in difficult times. Communication with the psychologist is on the phone, by e-mail, ICQ or by videoconference SKYPE. 5. As you move, you fill in an online special report about your treatment to be monitored and reviewed by leading your psihlogom. That way you can avoid common mistakes and accelerate their return to normal life. Remember! You can get rid of obsessive thoughts only several weeks of hard work on himself. We are happy to assist you in this matter.

Mrio Quintana

While they waited, they changed information on the children who frequent the program, as well as the proportionate benefits for it. The mothers who waited there, had very humble appearance, they wore with much simplicity and brought in the face an expression of suffering and concern. One of them, while talked, she kept the hand in the face, despertando a species of mercy. ' ' Thanks to God my mnino you here, this dinheirim aid dimais' ' To that he looked a vacant for the son, to who it he called rebelled, he spoke: ' ' Penalty that in one has vacant more, had that April more, this is so bo here pra they Par to think bobage, to think about drug and people still dinheirim gains one that aid very in house ' '. At this moment, it was evident the interest of the mothers for the stock market that the children receive, when participating of the project, at the same time was visible the paternal absence. Each participant of the PEOPLE OF the FUTURE receives as allowance for expenses 100 monthly Reals. But to frequent and to receive this value, percent of frequency in the school is necessary 80 and the same frequency in the program, seno loses the stock market.

This makes with that the mothers stimulate its children to participate with the greater possible assiduity. In the wait room, it is noticed many thoughts of known writers, writings in bristol board pieces affixed on the walls. Amongst them: ' ' The true illiterates are the ones that had learned to read and do not read ' '. ' ' Me I love when less deserving, therefore he is when more preciso.' ' (Mrio Quintana) In the wall that of the access ' the kitchen, l_se ' ' He does not matter to know if people believe God, matter to know if God believes gente.' ' (Mrio Quintana) While we waited, the pupils return of the workshop of recycling of the UFV passes for the wait room.

Success Life

Can happen a lot things that you might be surprised. And you will blame someone that is going on. Why is this happening? Because most people is still the “cogs” in the car oligarchy. You like it? You is satisfied? Is it true? I think that is unlikely. And for those who do not agree with the current state of affairs, I want to give some tips for success. Principles uspeha20 important tips for success. Production goal duly 1. Decide right now that will succeed.

2. Believe in what you achieve success. 3. Write down your goals on paper. 4. Identify the advantages you get if you achieve set goals. 5.

Determine the position where you are now. 6. Set the calendar date for achieving the goals. 7. Try to consider all possible obstacles that you must overcome. 8. Identify the skills and knowledge that you must master to achieve the goals. 9. Determine how to obtain this knowledge. 10. Give yourself a promise that you will never back away from the decision and will follow this goal in spite of all difficulties and obstacles. How to develop the consciousness of success 11. Develop a positive attitude towards events, people, situations, keep this attitude in itself. 12. Take responsibility for the situation in life, where you are now. 13. Develop the confidence in the company, product and opportunity to succeed. 14. Maintain your own enthusiasm despite the fact the sun is shining or if it rain, and despite all the hardships of life. 15. Persistence is necessary for success, to develop it in yourself and save. 16. The desire to be, do and have everything in this world – this is your philosophy. 17. Discipline – is the master key to long-term success. 18. Be strong, as the courage – it is nobility in the trials 19. Develop self-confidence and be prepared to overcome the most incredible hardships. 20. Experience the passion, the passion – the energy that moves along the path of success. All of this can be achieved cooperating with the company Vision. I went this way and help you to pass it. And the main secret to reveal to you: Success is not some end point. Success – this way, during which you change, grow, reach their goals. And then put a new one. You only need a great desire to succeed in life and action to accomplish this.