Indian Railway Exhibition

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) jointly with the Ministry of Railways of India decided to hold the 8 th International Railway Exhibition iree 2009 at between 24 and 26 August 2009 in the venue Delhi Pragati Maidan. In parallel, the exhibition is planned for 2-day conference on various aspects of the modernization of railways in India. iree exhibition first took place in 1990 in Calcutta, and since 2003 has been conducted 1 time in 2 years in part of the international industrial exhibition ietf, which is also carried out with a two-year period in February. iree 2007 occupied 7,000 square meters. m, the exhibition was attended by 146 companies, including 65 foreign from 12 countries (including Russia) and 17000 visitors. The delay of the exhibition this year and shift the dates of August due to the expectation of the organizers of the parliamentary elections and the formation of India's new government. iree Exhibition 2009 is regarded in India as an important step in attracting potential foreign partners to participate in the Government's planned multibillion-dollar program of development and modernization rail transport and infrastructure. Interest in this year's exhibition has already shown many of the world's leading manufacturers of the equipment rail industry. The organizing committee is very interested in participating in iree Conference and Exhibition 2009 Russian companies, which, in the opinion of Indian professionals, a great potential to participate in diverse collaborative projects.

Russian Federation

(According to the technical characteristics of tractor-trailer in Europe has a front axle load 4,500 kg) with trailer permitted to exit at some federal roads axle load not exceeding 4000 kg. Although the automated enterprise paying taxes, including transportation for the entire year. Must pay wages, rents, etc. Where can I take money for such a situation? Do not give optimism issues with the prices of petroleum products, which in the past 3 years have increased three-fold, whereas in the U.S. and Europe, only 40%. And lately there prices have fallen to the level of 2000.

Addressing the view of the role of road transport in the development of our the country and due to a severe crisis for the industry situation, you must take the following anti-crisis measures: 1. Abolish or adopt some changes:-Step Art. 12.21.1 and 12.21.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. (The penalty for violation shall be directed at the perpetrators of these violations). 2. Enter a two-year moratorium on price increases for diesel fuel more than 12 rubles. per liter.

3. To amend paragraph 23.5 of the Rules of the road to improve the overall weight and dimensions characteristics for the train to the parameters of the eu countries, namely: the upper-envelope – 4m20sm;-total weight – 44 tons;-axle load – 11 tons. 4. Repeal of article. 28 and Art. 30 fz 08.11.2007g 257-FZ "On the roads and road activities in the Russian Federation" prohibiting the carriage by road for 3 months because road services during the thaw should ensure the passage of trucks weak sections of road, and not "close" the country for several months freight transport. 5. Strengthen control over the work of all positions of the weight control, and mobile pbc eliminated as not relevant technical requirements. Adopt a single certificate weighing. In order to vehicle, loaded to the point of departure, an opportunity to weigh in and get the certificate and seal. Next on the route to the point of discharge claims for this vehicle from the regulatory bodies do not produce overload. At the moment we have a vicious practice, when the vehicle is en route weighed at different positions of the weight control up to a dozen times and has different weights, different from each other in order. Allow representatives of public organizations to exercise oversight functions of the carriers in these positions. 6. Given the complete inertia Ministry of Transport on issues of performance management, road transport sector performed in line with ever-increasing economic challenges, we consider it expedient to form a Government of Russian Federation Ministry of Road Transport. The above anti-crisis measures will help equalize the competitive capacity of Russian and foreign carriers, will give a vital impetus for Transport Russia will retain jobs for millions of workers.