The Long Story

The story is long and terrible, “look at the documentary which was made, producible and directed by film producer Amy SERRANO.-documentary that is sweeping the world – and it is raising awareness of this abuse unforgivable – worse that what happened in the era of slavery to that documentary.(95 minutes) and has won several awards. a This disgrace the description Amy Serrano (producer of films and documentaries and also a journalist),-A, and Armando Valladares (who was Cuban political prisoner for many years) and today is the Embassy of Human Rights of UN (United Nations ) or United. Nations

“They were the ones who discovered this barbarism in one of his trips to the Dominican Republic .- a Amy Serrano, endangering their own lives, managed to make 95-minute documentary, A in secret and behind the government the Dominican Republic., which shows, in detail, the situation in living creatures, as they are treated, and how they work. a Even shows the transport of children in the Dominican army trucks. to this documentary and has traveled the world and has won countless premise.a But the most important is the world’s reaction to this barbarity .- At the “UN” (United Nations) “has received millions of letters, e- mails and messages about himself, and already are taking steps to end this terrible abuse of helpless children .- Miss Amy Fernandez has received several death threats and his home in New Orleans lives surrounded by security guards, cameras and all kinds DEA safety equipment to protect his life. a On several occasions, when he went to the presentation of the documentary in different countries, has been cornered and threatened with death because of the “straw” of the Sugar Industry .- As end Paris, Dondee nearly losing his life .- a la Nor can return to the Dominican Republic, as it has been declared “Persona Non-Grata .-” and denied the visa.

Very few people in the world knew of this situation, because everything was organized in the most secret, to avoid detection and trachea praise has finally come to light .- a All this goes against all laws of “Human Rights” .-, since we are talking about children aged 7-10 years old .- a I also wonder as far as going to get the ambition of men, – that goes against all the designs of God .- a far have we got?? It’s because we are no longer humans, to become mere animals, that the only thing that interests us is the damn gold or money?? A is that we have ceased to feel the love of neighbor, which Jesus preached both in his short stay on earth? or are we no longer feel not the slightest remorse for the horrors committed in this world, every day?? where he has been the dignity, pity, humanity and love of neighbor?? cases such as these are the ones I moved and carried me escribir. “All we have consciousness, we must unite to prevent these atrocities be repeated trachea.