The Modern

But back to the phone. Most likely, all the modern giants of the business to begin with this method advertising. And now, when they grow up and become big and strong start to react negatively to those who call them, and, figuratively speaking, the "bite" on the phone. An attempt to offer them something in return saying, "I also do not need it, why do you distract me, "I will need – I'll call you myself, and sometimes just hang up, or frankly rude. Of course, hearing a phrase over the phone "Hello! We are open and our services-such, and I have a desire to put tube, but I understand that sometimes a lot of courage to be the person that would pick up the phone and call with such a proposal. Therefore, I try to listen to the offer, even knowing that I give up on it. And I ask you to do the same.

After all, the one who calls you and offers a X, can be your potential customer to your service Y. To find out the opinions of Omsk businessmen on telephone sales, we decided to conduct a survey course by telephone. And, as expected, mainly met by a backlash. Few agreed to answer. And, oddly enough, most of those who argued that the telephone sales do not enjoy and, moreover, not even heard of them, they were representatives of major advertising agencies of the city. But still, some respondents gave very good and detailed answers.