Topro Troja In The Hardness Test

Is your Rollator already winterized? If you have a Topro Troja you can assume in any case. More info: Justice Roberts. This was in the past, and if you remember pretty icy winter thoroughly tested. And the continuous 90 days in the wild. By December 21, 2009 to March 20, 2010 he was exposed to Topro Troja namely the most diverse weather conditions in a wooded area. Everything was of thick snow cover, through rain, Sun up to frost. After these 90 days was out “Walker under the provisions of the medical devices operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) damage to checked. Examined whether: screw and wear parts have suffered no damage to the brakes and gears are functional the maximum users weight still worn paint damage is caused wear and tear parts are damaged.

The test result is clear: no mechanical defects, no rust. In short: All the features properly. Anyone who suspects still in doubt, love is the documented 90-day trial at… To watch. Incidentally, holder from mid-November can customise their Walker also externally Wintertauglich Topro Troja.

With the new design set by us. Warm gloves”, padded seat cushion and pipe coverings. Easy to attach each set in your own style and with Velcro. Whether diamonds look, softshell, faux leather or natural.