Transitional Administration

26 October 1992 the Russian parliament recommended that the Ossetian-Ingush Commission to develop ways to break the current at the time of the crisis through negotiation. That's when the situation escalated to the limit. On the night of 30 to 31 October 1992 in a. Kambileevskom and Oktyabrsky Suburban Area (OL) skirmish. Attacks, grabs a police checkpoint, riots, killings continued until November 4.

"According to the Transitional Administration and the Ingush territories soassr Republic, in the conflict zone reported killed and died of wounds – 328 attendees., including military personnel – 14 people. with the Ingush side – 179 people. with the Ossetian side – 135 people., injuring 790 people., including the military – 37 people. with the Ingush – 408, with Ossetian – 345 people Missing listed 662. "This is the result of armed conflict between North Ossetia and Ingushetia. And this situation is not accidental – in 1992 took place in Russia under the slogan "Take sovereignty as you want. " Assessment of what happened in the two republics was diametrically opposite.

Sun Session sb welcomed these developments as a "treacherous aggression Ingush national extremists against North Ossetia in order to forced separation of the territory of the republic. " The central government acted on the side of the Ossetians. The People's Assembly, Parliament of Ingushetia also qualified the event as "a brutal form of genocide, manifested in the physical destruction of the Ingush people and ethnic cleansing of the territory of the survivors. " Neither party is willing to put up with a situation of uncertainty with respect to the territory of the Suburban Area and Vladikavkaz, and sought to establish understood it "justice", which was destroyed after the deportation of the Ingush in 1944.