God is in All of Us

God lives in every person and all forms of earth, of all the infinite. He is not the God of rigid traditions, dogmas and rites, the God who makes them dependent on men and tied with threatening gestures to a pagan religion artificial. The leaders of the Church crowned to take the name. Cleverly, with theological-intellectual rhetoric, guide the people towards their teaching of doom and make men believe that I am with the teaching of the Church seductive, with its traditions and rituals. However, his heart is cold and is characterized by lust for power. Whoever staged representation call dogmas have no idea of universal one, that I am, or My Son.

In the staging of the actors church just do not realize those who also want to act with them to stage a role in the world theater, to provide them with dignity and prestige in the church and state. The people, who have not learned to think, welcomes and provides obedience pay. I have not founded stone churches. I have not called cardinals, bishops, priests or priests, let alone a representative of God. I myself am represented in each individual, throughout the infinite. I have not let him rain from heaven to the Church his immensely rich fortune billions nor its representatives have dressed in purple and precious stones. The billions from the people tortured and abused and the state government to open their wallets more for the rich than for the poorest of the poor.

What Goes On In the National Assembly

This is producing a shift from passive acceptance to a field of alternative development. It requires the appearance of a person with his conception of Being in politics, one who decides to do and to institute. The issue is to tame the Venezuelan government, Chavez is not possible. The correct approach is to induce that human life is no repetition, and fewer of the political sites, and find back in reflection and deliberation on a new meaning. We are not talking about a “Revelation” but the sudden creation of a new social imaginary. So, without getting ideas and thinking about the future to do can not change what exists.

The Venezuelan government questions every day its reason for being and this is provided in our power to build the new paradigm. The option is hidden in instituting anonymous collective. In this way forget the classic terminology. The maximum value is not a constituent power. What is a Power Institution, which does not mean that the instituting not institutionalized, only to be challenged by the emergence of the instituting new. Democracy is therefore constantly changing.

Any such process takes place, it is obvious-in a specific historical circumstances. In ours, the Venezuelans today, we can not fear the uncertainty of the future The twenty-first century democracy conceive, then, is a permanent update. Venezuelan society today is in negative phase. The protest is simply a loss of patience and reading columnists who insult the government a simple exercise in catharsis. What I intend to talk about instituting citizenship does not refer to a founding myth. I refer to an agent (the agent) that constantly promotes inclusive democratization. There is hope, because of the new rationality in ethics will be built. This will come from the awareness of a necessary recovery (not the past, in any case), but of meaning. The country that the “intelligent elite” must lead in fighting is a distortion, one based on a logical alternative. Happens because people take as a new standard of conduct is not delegation, which in turn implies the assumption of the role which makes redefine responsible in first grade. It is through the complex thinking that can cope with the maze itself XXI century, as the mixture of predictable and unpredictable elements, accidental, or undetermined causes, restates in full force the ride out of dogmatism. I reiterate my country’s proposal to form a government parallel and Instituting a National Assembly to challenge the future.

A Bit About Life In The USSR

Everyone knows that the Russian Federation (then the USSR) from 1991 underwent transformation, both in politics and in the economic field. Thus the daily lives of its inhabitants changed much about the present. However it is likely that there Alguena you want to know more about everyday life in the USSR. The length of the workday was then 8 hours a day, an hour of the hours which were devoted to lunch. But most of the workers took advantage of that time out of his office or factory to get grocery stores and other poor. The truth is that the time was a fortune to get good part of all the things needed for daily life: some food products, clothing, furniture, etc … since that time only sometimes drew on sale a few essential things. Among them were: some types of clothing, footwear, various foodstuffs (cheese, butter, beef and chicken, etc.).

Anyone who wanted to buy appliances or furniture from some manufacturers had to put in the long tail in an original way. He designated that person your number in the queue and were high on the list of those who wanted to buy some furniture or appliance. Then that person was required each morning (ie at 6) go to that store where you pointed in the list because they’d otherwise discharged. This procedure in some cases had a few weeks, but those who did were not sure a queue to get lucky in getting what i need. The majority of Soviet women lived in conditions quite tough, especially divorced women. At the end of the working day a woman went to grocery stores to get first metal or wood. It was put to the queue and so spent a long time, sometimes a few hours. When buying food staples and other things (toilet paper, soap, etc) was returning home with a bag packed in your hand.

The small children who had fed them and then to bed. The next day he repeated the same … The average monthly wage was about 130-150 rubles was equivalent to 170 dollars establishments. Strangely high wages were the workers and bus drivers and other transport (up to 500 rubles per month). But engineers and doctors were 120-140 rubles a month. As for food products, clothing, appliances and other branches of industry should be noted that in most cases then entered the sale of products of Russian origin and only occasionally drew on sale some items (grocery , clothing, etc) from other Pa ice. Among them were the chicken legs which imported from U.S.. UU .. Those chicken legs bore the colloquial name “American legs.” But as Russians had a hard time getting other panics products ever since that time a sale that drew some poor food product then everyone made a queue largish could not fit into a shop and therefore would come to the street. Those who put in the queue podiatry spend a few hours. Almost all the Russians had the opportunity to vacation going to other attractive places of their country among whom was the Black Sea and other interesting destinations. But unlike the present tense that time had the opportunity to vacation in his native country only, ie the Soviet Union and occasionally vacationed in some socialist panics then (Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia). Then travel packages were cheap and therefore were affordable to the entire population of the Soviet Union. Such was the life of the majority of Russian people then. You may be interested.

Take aTrip To Paris

Traveling can be an activity that can offer more pleasure and enjoyment than any other activity, and if you travel to another country where you will see many things that are not normally seen, such activity will be much better, for the chance to meet lifestyles different cities with wonderful structures that will be of great value, because at first sight with its imposing grandeur and impressive architectural styles, all while enjoying a well deserved rest will make the time spent on a vacation is an experience unforgettable, which often want to repeat or extend for much longer.

According to the above a spectacular journey that can be made to visit a great place to spend a holiday unique moments of joy and rest and instead of total enjoyment, is a trip to Paris, beautiful city in France at the same time Mime is the capital of country, city, also known as the City of Light. To get the most out of a trip to Paris is a bit better to know first the city and what are the elements more value of which can be enjoyed in the city of Paris. By making a trip to Paris, will be in a city in northern France, the city is bisected by the Seine river, inhabited by more than 2 million people, the city is the center of the metropolitan area of the Ile- de-France or Spanish island of France, who lives one-fifth of the population of France, with about 10 million inhabitants. By making a trip to Paris will be treading one of the most important cities in the world in a fairly broad class of issues, because Paris is the center of the economy in France, which contributes greatly to have a high status as a city Overall, being in the same way one of the main cities of the world and it is thanks to this excellent economic development, the structure of the city has all the elements necessary to provide the best living conditions both for those who normally reside in the city for quines are there because they decided to make a trip to Paris. Another factor highlighting the city of Paris, is one of the major foci of the world in areas such as politics, education, entertainment, fashion, science and art which has allowed all of Paris is the best and a trip to Paris with the idea of visiting one of the best places in the world, meet a large and vast array of activities. According to the above, according to data, make a trip to Paris is the option which most tourists in the world has chosen, this statement supports the presence of more than 30 million foreign visitors annually, making Paris the most popular tourist reference in the world, as the sum of all factors will provide a pleasant and elegant environment that favors the occurrence of so many foreign tourists.

Components most conducive to the allure of a trip to Paris, is the presence in the city in a huge number of tourist attractions, internationally recognized, such as: “The Eiffel Tower. -The Cathedral of Notre-Dame. – The Champs Elysees. – The Arc de Triomphe. – The Louvre Museum. So all these characteristics make one of the best options to visit a special place in the world, take a trip to Paris.

Some Social Aspects of the Poor

But people like that, in which there is no quantity, must be sought with a candle, or with a flashlight now, but why? Because they are poor and because they come with canvas sneakers, and pants of cotton cloth, and leave with a car, can leather shoes, fashionable underwear, bathed with soap nugget, and go swimming with French soaps, and do not know a word in Castilian no mess up, because ignore what they are saying they know not even grammar. The other day I heard a lady saying something about our language (Castilian and not because our language is Quechua), and I laughed. He said that the Quechua language was not because I did not write. And if you write Quechua. The writing is on the drawings and the differences of colors in the drawings. There are saying and what they are writing to communicate. It’s like the quipus.

The quipus, are numbers in knots, but with colors. And the Chinese language has characters that are one hundred writing. You say “Who was the one who said this? Martha Hildebrandt. This woman is an educated woman, very prepared, but it has its complexes that make you forget, so his name is German, or Greek, make you forget that he is Peruvian. And should want much to Peru. And congresswoman.

We are not patriots, are not politicians, we are tetelemeques, fops of politics. 99% of Peru’s history, customs and principles, but neither do not know where they stand. I’m going to Congress, and make them one question any of them, and do not respond.

The Dream Can Be Real

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The Economic Value of the Tropical Forests

Mode-Indian peasant life have a vision and ancient wisdom to care for your natural and spiritual. But capitalism has imposed, economic and political, technological models to “preserve” and exploit indigenous territories by promoting plantation management plans, identification and trade in land, property records of water sources, biopiracy, genetically modified seeds and eco-tourism. All these ways to rearrange the area are homogenizing, isolate and fragment the peoples’ relationship with their environment and the ecological base that supports it (Jose Godoy, 2005)

In the late ’60s, the Club of Rome, created by a group of entrepreneurs and executives of transnational corporations (Xerox, IBM, Fiat, Remington Rand, Olivetti, etc.), opened the debate on demands for nonrenewable resources. Appearing MEADOWS Report, called: “The Limits to Growth” document which marked a time for the depletion of natural resources. The Meadows Report Limits growth is the lag of environmental concern in terms of culture and politics, and its assimilation by the technical-scientific logic, it was being criticized. The model of human action or forged instrumental rationality in Western Europe from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the world expands endangering the planet, the state monopoly capitalism, liberal cutting and privatization, and state capitalism monopoly, with the advent of environmentalism, in the ’60s, promoted awareness of the overall risk to the environmental challenge, risk to the entire planet and all humanity in the exact measure, particularly of a commercial nature which has in itself inequality by being soaked in the coloniality of power. 20% of the world’s richest people consume about 80% of the raw material and energy produced annually (model-limit).

Achieving Election Results

The July 5 election date is very close and ended political campaigns, all parties did their utmost to achieve get the most votes in these elections. The question is who will win? Will they remember their promises? Will they be like the other politicians? All these questions will be answered after 6 July when the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) publish the results and the winners can take their positions. However, the elections this year will have another very different dye past years, and that by 2009 there is another factor that is taking ever stronger, the vote invalid, it is not just a way to express our disagreement with the management of politics in our country.

The invalid ballot is to be the election decided by many intellectuals, researchers, journalists Sunday. It will show discontent of all the corruption, impunity, under the water treatment, agreements among parties, and all other things we as citizens are not aware but that unfortunately occurs in the political life in Mexico. As citizens we can believe or not in this proposal but no doubt is spreading and gaining strength all the time. As a society we are tired of seeing fights, arguments, and we see colors but not seeing results. The person who wins, really meet the proposed campaign, which will meet the people who took him to where he is, do not stay in power only by ambition, he really comes to power the person who is qualified to This and all this depends on our votes, make the best decision for the country depends on all voters. The purpose of elections is to choose our representatives vote for the party that is or waive our right to vote, but we must be responsible for that decision and defend what we did in the polls because no one else we will define the direction of our country .